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30.09.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: The emoticon officially turned 40
30.09.22 Why are there so many dog breeds but only a few cat breeds?
29.09.22 The Tale of the Great Computing Machine
29.09.22 AIMES - Crossing Borders with Georgios A. Sotiriou
28.09.22 Cutting waste
28.09.22 Development of a Novel Gas Turbine Simulator for Hybrid Solar-Brayton Systems
28.09.22 When continental plates move more slowly
27.09.22 Bio-inspired device slashes power consumption
27.09.22 Cities join forces to deliver energy-efficient, renewable heating and cooling
27.09.22 Empowering central and eastern Europe to meet energy and climate commitments
27.09.22 How hot could heatwaves get?
27.09.22 Why do some languages have more words than others?
26.09.22 Visit KTH's labs
26.09.22 The Multimodal Transfer Matrix Method
24.09.22 Not unmanned, but uncrewed
24.09.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Program
24.09.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
24.09.22 FRUCT32: The 5th Workshop on the Databases Worldwide
24.09.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Registration
24.09.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
23.09.22 EU-funded scientist receives 2022 Balzan Prize for research excellence
23.09.22 Gearing up for high-performance magnet recycling in Europe
23.09.22 How far ahead could we predict the weather?
23.09.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: Want to improve your mood? Check when you eat
23.09.22 CPTED principles and the safety needs of LBQTI+ people in Poland and Sweden
22.09.22 Metallic Additive Manufacturing: excitements and barriers
22.09.22 CET-2022 (Converging Energy Technologies)
21.09.22 The aeroacoustics of supersonic jets related with propulsion applications within the frame- work of KTH Space Center
21.09.22 Stockholm Archipelago Lecture: The Less Selfish Gene: Forest Altruism, Neoliberalism, and the Tree of Life
21.09.22 Lessons in managing the risk of floods and droughts
20.09.22 The food industry transformation
20.09.22 Weekly planning of hydropower in systems with large volumes of varying power generation
20.09.22 Anticancer drugs in short supply? The solution lies in brewer’s yeast
18.09.22 Towards nanodosimetry: therapeutic radiation measurements using the variance method
18.09.22 Autonomous transportation – Challenge in digitalisation and solution to sustainability?
17.09.22 Scientists discover super-Earth likely covered in water
17.09.22 Digitalize in Stockholm 2022
16.09.22 Promising alternative to packaging lowers plastic industry’s carbon footprint
16.09.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: Talk less to be liked? No need to, says new research
16.09.22 Future Digileaders 2022
16.09.22 Save the date! KTH Energy Dialogue 2022
15.09.22 Open lecture - Alfvén waves: a journey from laboratory to the solar system and beyond
15.09.22 Alfvén waves: a journey from laboratory to the solar system and beyond
15.09.22 AIMES - Crossing Borders with Amlan Chakrabarti
15.09.22 Life Science Technology day - novel 3D biology applications
14.09.22 Model-driven data analysis and Data-driven models
14.09.22 Extreme weather is bad for your heart
14.09.22 Smart grid tools on the EU’s Innovation Radar
14.09.22 Supply chain visibility in the manufacturing industry: conditions and realisation
14.09.22 Artificial Software Diversification for WebAssembly
13.09.22 African crops provide a nutrient-dense, gluten-free solution
13.09.22 Digitisation as an enabler for sustainable development
13.09.22 Digitisation as an enabler for sustainable development
13.09.22 European Space Agency presentation on the NASA-ESA Moon programme