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11.11.21 17.10.2010: International Conference on Lean Enterprise Software and Systems
11.11.21 18.10.2010: Data Aggregation: Balancing Delay and Communication Costs
11.11.21 22.10.2010: Structured prior information in probabilistic machine learning with applications in gene regulation modelling
11.11.21 25.10.2010: Jussi Kollin will defend his thesis Computational Methods for Detecting Large-Scale Chromosome Rearrangements in SNP Data
11.11.21 25.10.2010: Detection of Anomalies in Time Series from Different Contexts
11.11.21 28.10.2010: Mass Spectrometry Informatics in Systems Biology 2010
11.11.21 05.11.2010: A Grid-Based Algorithm for On-Device GSM Positioning
11.11.21 09.11.2010: Challenges in Online Book Retrieval
11.11.21 12.11.2010: Inverse problems and Bayesian tracking: An application to neurophysiological data
11.11.21 12.11.2010: Computational Methods for Reconstruction and Analysis of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks
11.11.21 12.11.2010: Enabling technologies for decentralized interpersonal communication
11.11.21 17.11.2010: Multi-user resource-sharing problem for the Internet
11.11.21 18.11.2010: Time-Consistency Problem in the Long Term Decision Making
11.11.21 19.11.2010: Statistical dependencies in analysis of naturalistic brain stimulation
11.11.21 TEDxKTHSalon: Towards green and clean energy
11.11.21 Research and Education workshop in Stockholm
07.11.21 Small Satellite Activities in Sweden - Building on 35 Years of Heritage
04.11.21 Maths, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (MAIN) 2021
04.11.21 Drop in for researchers: Research data
04.11.21 KTH Sustainability Research Day
03.11.21 Keynote by Markus K. Brunnermeier (Princeton University) on "Resilience and Sustainability"
03.11.21 Webinar on FAO’s work on circular bioeconomy and food loss and waste reduction
03.11.21 Webinar: What are the best practices in reskilling for employability?
03.11.21 Webinar: Which innovations in reskilling create value in a rapidly changing world?
03.11.21 Webinar: Could reskilling be higher education’s contribution to integration?
02.11.21 A book discussion about the book Invisible women
02.11.21 A book discussion about the book "Invisible women"
02.11.21 Drop-in for researchers: Bibliometrics
02.11.21 Drop-in for researchers: Altmetrics
02.11.21 Drop-in for researchers: Publishing
02.11.21 Researcher Friday at the Library, Theme: Research data
02.11.21 Keynote Lecture: Resilience and Sustainability in the Context of Financial Crisis and Digitalization
02.11.21 Real Estate Markets and Capital Markets (ReCapNet) Conference
01.11.21 FRUCT Accommodation
31.10.21 31st FRUCT Conference: Registration
28.10.21 KTH Energy Dialogue 2021 – Science for Sustainability & Impact of Research
28.10.21 Honary Doctor Lecture - Lippmann Photography: The Science and Art of Multispectral Images
28.10.21 31st FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
28.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
28.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: Registration
27.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: Program
26.10.21 31th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
25.10.21 Volume 30 / S. Balandin, J. Röning and T. Shatalova, Proceedings of the 30th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT, Oulu, Finland. ISSN 2305-7254, FRUCT Oy, e-ISSN 2343-0737 (license CC BY-ND)
25.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
19.10.21 Program of the FRUCT30 conference
15.10.21 4th DataWorld
15.10.21 FRUCT31: The 4th Workshop on the Databases Worldwide
11.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: IDEA21 workshop: industrial track
11.10.21 The 3rd Workshop on the Databases Worldwide
11.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: 15th Workshop on Advances in Methods of Information and Communication Technology (AMICT)
11.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
11.10.21 30th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
04.10.21 31st FRUCT Conference
04.10.21 Telegram channel of FRUCT conferences
02.10.21 AMICT workshop 2022