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04.06.22 13.09.2010: Conference: PGM 2010, The Fifth European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models
04.06.22 13.09.2010: Teaching demonstrations
04.06.22 17.09.2010: My past and future doctoral research (Y2 PhD studies presentation), Laura Langohr
04.06.22 28.09.2010: Guest lecture: prof. Jon Crowcroft: Zero Carbon Networking
04.06.22 30.09.2010: Learning the dissimilarity between objects described by categorical attributes
04.06.22 01.10.2010: PhD dissertation: Wilhelmiina Hämäläinen: Efficient search for statistically significant dependency rules in binary data
04.06.22 11.10.2010: Parsimonious Modelling
04.06.22 17.10.2010: International Conference on Lean Enterprise Software and Systems
04.06.22 18.10.2010: Data Aggregation: Balancing Delay and Communication Costs
04.06.22 22.10.2010: Structured prior information in probabilistic machine learning with applications in gene regulation modelling
04.06.22 25.10.2010: Jussi Kollin will defend his thesis Computational Methods for Detecting Large-Scale Chromosome Rearrangements in SNP Data
04.06.22 25.10.2010: Detection of Anomalies in Time Series from Different Contexts
04.06.22 28.10.2010: Mass Spectrometry Informatics in Systems Biology 2010
04.06.22 05.11.2010: A Grid-Based Algorithm for On-Device GSM Positioning
04.06.22 09.11.2010: Challenges in Online Book Retrieval
04.06.22 12.11.2010: Inverse problems and Bayesian tracking: An application to neurophysiological data
04.06.22 12.11.2010: Computational Methods for Reconstruction and Analysis of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks
04.06.22 12.11.2010: Enabling technologies for decentralized interpersonal communication
04.06.22 17.11.2010: Multi-user resource-sharing problem for the Internet
04.06.22 18.11.2010: Time-Consistency Problem in the Long Term Decision Making
04.06.22 19.11.2010: Statistical dependencies in analysis of naturalistic brain stimulation
04.06.22 Could we coat somebody’s bones with metal to make them superstrong?
04.06.22 Getting down to the core of future earthquakes in Europe
03.06.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: Can we grow food on the moon?
03.06.22 A quantum leap to superconductor diodes
03.06.22 Smart digital tools help Europe’s food processing industry tackle high energy costs
03.06.22 Catching up with SMARTEES: Getting closer to sustainably producing, managing and consuming energy
03.06.22 A novel drug screening platform to combat brain metastasis
03.06.22 Project of the Month: Groundbreaking method brings hope to those suffering from brain disease
01.06.22 Networking meeting between the Wallenberg programs Data-driven Life Science (DDLS) and WASP-HS
31.05.22 Developing a deposit-refund system for plastic packaging
30.05.22 Scientists shed light on a protein linked to diabetes and hypertension
30.05.22 TRENDING SCIENCE: Could climate change be responsible for the next pandemic?
30.05.22 Do all animals sleep?
30.05.22 Lab-grown immune cells forget lab culture shock
30.05.22 Making brain research easier with open-source software
30.05.22 Newly engineered enzyme speeds up slow organic reaction
30.05.22 Studying stone toolmaking and use in orangutangs
30.05.22 How is plastic recycled?
30.05.22 Mapping gene expression in two colours
30.05.22 Why haven’t we wiped out rabies yet?
30.05.22 Multi-Modal Deep Learning with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data for Urban Mapping and Change Detection
30.05.22 Sustainable planet, sustainable health – how science-based solutions can drive transformative change
23.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference
18.05.22 FRUCT Technical Committee
18.05.22 FRUCT Technical Committee
18.05.22 FRUCT Accommodation
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
18.05.22 FRUCT32 conference
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Registration
18.05.22 31st FRUCT Conference: Registration
18.05.22 FRUCT32: The 5th Workshop on the Databases Worldwide
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
18.05.22 32nd FRUCT Conference: Program