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12.02.20 Skytteanska samfundet prize to Nils Skoglund
12.02.20 Modeling of Fission Product Behavior in Fast Reactors
12.02.20 27th FRUCT Conference: IDEA20 workshop: research track
12.02.20 The gut-brain connection: How does intestinal health affect neurologic function?
11.02.20 When the Taps Run Dry. Will technology solve the water crisis?
11.02.20 When the Taps Run Dry. Will technology solve the water crisis?
11.02.20 The Kempe Foundation issues major funding for integrated structural biology
11.02.20 Combining deep learning with token selection for patient phenotyping from electronic health records
11.02.20 Numerical modeling of the tool-rock penetration process using FEM coupled with SPH technique
11.02.20 Automatic assessment of the myoclonus severity from videos recorded according to standardized Unified Myoclonus Rating Scale protocol and using human pose and body movement analysis
11.02.20 New treatment tackles costly parasitic disease for freshwater farmed and ornamental fish
11.02.20 Global5G.org: Unlocking the value of 5G for vertical industries in Europe
11.02.20 Tapping into the potential of geothermal energy
11.02.20 Could language be the lens to the brain?
11.02.20 Pump up the volume? Bringing radio stations closer to their listeners
10.02.20 New study shows unselfish people have more children and earn more money
10.02.20 THE Innovation and Impact Summit 2020
10.02.20 THE Innovation and Impact Summit 2020
10.02.20 27th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
10.02.20 26th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
09.02.20 Mosquito nets: Are they catching more fishes than insects?
08.02.20 Krylov methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems and matrix equations
08.02.20 Western Siberian rivers and lakes emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
08.02.20 Porous polymers show remarkable stability at high pressure
08.02.20 Students explore how AI can help sick children
08.02.20 Ecologist receives Umeå municipality’s Scientific Prize 2019
07.02.20 SDS Optic chosen to take part in Euronext Programme
07.02.20 An additional 20 million for AI competence
07.02.20 New possibilities for light-emitting plastics with patterned light
07.02.20 Design of Functional Polymeric Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
07.02.20 Professional European collaboration project started in Umeå
07.02.20 Space Rendezvous
07.02.20 The UN trains weapons inspectors in Umeå
07.02.20 Exchange students take the train abroad - for sustainable travel
07.02.20 Proceedings of the 25th FRUCT conference are published in IEEE Xplore
07.02.20 New data exposes the links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing
07.02.20 28th EUBCE - European Biomass Conference & Exhibition The European Green Deal
07.02.20 Brainstorming in Athens at the Human Brain Project
07.02.20 Trending Science: Powerful new telescope reveals the most detailed images of Sun’s surface so far
07.02.20 BIM4EEB first-year results
07.02.20 PolicyCloud to help make data-driven policy management a reality across Europe
07.02.20 Update on Study “Big data and B2B platforms: the next big opportunity for Europe” - Register to upcoming workshops
07.02.20 ChEESE doubles speedup of seismic wave propagation code SPECFEM3D
07.02.20 EPEEC: European Programming Environment for Programming Productivity of Heterogeneous Supercomputers
07.02.20 What is the aim of the forum HYDROPOWER EUROPE? Watch the video!
07.02.20 Launch of EU Research Project cmRNAbone: Novel Gene Therapy for Bone Regeneration
07.02.20 Novel Regeneration Techniques for Large Bone Defects: Launch of EU Research Project SBR
07.02.20 SMART presents reform proposals for sustainable business, finance and products
06.02.20 New report from Stockholm Resilience Centre: Halving greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030
06.02.20 The need for long time series
06.02.20 American PhD students study global climate problems at Umeå University
06.02.20 Concert Beethoven 250 years
06.02.20 Cervin Palace Orchestra
06.02.20 Opera for lunch
06.02.20 Jubilee concert, Teknologkören