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Latest changes and updates on the site

Дата обновления Заголовок
21.01.14 Innovation skills for future workers
21.01.14 TUAS to focus on four fields
21.01.14 Year of changes is ahead
21.01.14 Stories about student life in Turku
21.01.14 SATU training received the Unprejudiced diploma
21.01.14 Aiming higher together
21.01.14 Accessibility activities in practice
21.01.14 International cooperation in the field of Health Care
21.01.14 How is bioenergy produced?
21.01.14 Finnish-Brasilian co-operation in design
21.01.14 Brazilian university management visited Turku
21.01.14 Independent, regenerating TUAS
21.01.14 The European Researchers’ Night is coming to Turku
21.01.14 Studying at summer is also fun
21.01.14 The first trial licence in Europe for a cognitive radio system based on geolocation granted for TUAS
21.01.14 Congratulations to new TUAS graduates!
21.01.14 Moving In, Moving On!
21.01.14 Team Matalapaine to the Imagine Cup finals in Australia
21.01.14 Bringing Fortuna to life with cooperation
21.01.14 A hundred foreign experts got to know Turku University of Applied Sciences
21.01.14 Courses in academic English for students
21.01.14 Have you read these stories on rusk.dk?
21.01.14 Organisation of Human Resources and Communication in 2014
21.01.14 Read about RUC's new education, 'Spatial Designs and Society'
21.01.14 News from the student chaplain
21.01.14 Places on UniPæd courses starting in week 4
21.01.14 Tracking escaped farmed fish through their feed
21.01.14 New Head of Research at Noragric
21.01.14 Doctoral Degree Ceremony
21.01.14 The Namibia collaboration project produced a book by three university libraries
21.01.14 21/02/14: Defence of dissertation in the field of organic chemistry, M.Sc. (Tech.) Ronny Wahlström
21.01.14 28/02/14: Defence of dissertation in the field of mathematics, M.Sc. (Tech.) Lauri Viitasaari
20.01.14 4 million SEK to investigate how interactive assistive touch based technologies for children with intellectual disabilities can be designed
20.01.14 3D technology from the film industry improve rehabilitation for stroke patients
20.01.14 Master's student in Innovation wins prize in Thesis competition
20.01.14 Global Week Webb-TV: The Annual Lecture on Global Collaboration
20.01.14 New director at the Aarhus University School of Engineering
20.01.14 Students are awarded a prize for their master project
20.01.14 Students provides new knowledge of the strengths of the heart
20.01.14 New knowledge of fibres brings scientists a step further in the making of artificial tissue
20.01.14 Researcher predicts errors in windmills
20.01.14 New technology is a significant breakthrough in diagnosis and treatment of cancer
20.01.14 A shelter shell made of foam can save lives in cold disaster areas
20.01.14 Pram cradles to get baby sleep
20.01.14 Students help to house thousands of homeless Pakistanis
20.01.14 Future change agents will boost sustainable construction
20.01.14 Engineers put a stop to bruxism
20.01.14 New exchange agreement for ASE
20.01.14 Changes to the website are currently made
20.01.14 Drug residues in Swedish sewage water
20.01.14 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry gives lecture at Umeå University – at 13:00
20.01.14 Better preparedness against Tamiflu-resistant influenza viruses
20.01.14 Extinction of insects affects water conditions
20.01.14 Umeå Plant Science Centre professor receives Linné award in botany
20.01.14 Nobel Laureate in chemistry to visit Umeå University