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24.06.20 4RinEU demonstration activities: where do we stand?
24.06.20 INCREASE – Intelligent Collections of Food Legumes Genetic Resources for European Agrofood Systems
24.06.20 Online expert exchange enhances natural capital and ecosystem accounting in the EU
24.06.20 INtegrated and STANDardized NGS workflows FOR Personalized therapy (Instand-NGS4P) - a short presentation
24.06.20 Developing technologies to ensure profitable environmental protection
24.06.20 How to prolong shelf life and avoid food waste
24.06.20 Spin-off awarded for industry grade physics in Unreal Engine
24.06.20 FRUCT Technical Committee
24.06.20 FRUCT Technical Committee
24.06.20 New frames added to the molecular movie on how plants make oxygen
24.06.20 To count on all students
23.06.20 Information to our candidates, supervisors and external partners
23.06.20 Niclas Börlin receive the Talbert Abrams Award
23.06.20 Microalgae high potential for lipid production and water cleaning
22.06.20 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
22.06.20 Bright and efficient light without rare metals
22.06.20 Human experts vs. machines in taxa recognition
22.06.20 Spotting Deadwood: Measuring forest biodiversity for the bioeconomy
22.06.20 Study finds EU Research Projects have improved the Response of Emergency Services during Covid-19
22.06.20 Preventing infectious swine disease spread with field-based portable device
22.06.20 An international contest looking for innovators that use paper-based electronics
22.06.20 SACOC project aims to achieve more environmentally-friendly air transport
22.06.20 Fantastic particles and where to find them
22.06.20 ELASTIC software architecture advances urban mobility in Florence
22.06.20 Freedom to Operate, Digitisation and IP in International Business: New Publications and Webinars by the European IP Helpdesk
22.06.20 WADI’s Results Webinar – Detecting leaks from above
22.06.20 TRENDING SCIENCE: Brave new post-COVID-19 world: The social experiment is on!
22.06.20 Attention to Umeå research on the World Tuberculosis Day
22.06.20 Semantics of HTS AC Loss Modeling: Theories, Models, and Experiments
22.06.20 How consumers’ respect for nature and environmental self-assets influence their car brand experiences
22.06.20 Transgenic trees perform well in a Swedish field trial
21.06.20 Insights into muscle function enhance our understanding of heart disease
21.06.20 Judith Sarneel is hosting the university's research blog
20.06.20 Umeå researchers discover molecule for cancer diagnostics
20.06.20 On the zeros of the partial Hosoya polynomial of graphs
19.06.20 How to characterise cellular identity by single-cell RNA sequencing
19.06.20 European project makes plastics production circular
19.06.20 Combating the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic: CLAIM provides the tools to fight increased marine plastic pollution
19.06.20 New smartband will help observe social distancing to check COVID-19 spread
19.06.20 The future of batteries is (e)magic
19.06.20 Bio4Products creates new bio-based products from lignin
19.06.20 Nature will welcome you when buying fruits and vegetables in Valladolid
19.06.20 Can New Technologies Help Europe Get A Taste For Insects?
19.06.20 How ICT and social sciences can empower energy education
19.06.20 New CARE Consortium publication looks into the subtypes of HIV-1 circulating in Southern Russia
19.06.20 DMS Accelerator wants to boost the European Data Startup Ecosystem
19.06.20 Big Data Pilot Demo Days
19.06.20 Meet NO FEAR
19.06.20 Preserving Crop Diversity for Future Generations: Launch of EU Research Project AGENT
19.06.20 Plant professor awarded Umeå University Medal of Merit
19.06.20 Scientists call for new European regulations for GMO
19.06.20 Energy researchers gather and test drive hydrogen car
19.06.20 IQM awarded more than €20M in funding and investment from European Union Funding, for startups, projects and SMEs.