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04.11.19 Richard Florida - From the Creative Class To The Urban Crisis
04.11.19 Richard Florida - From the Creative Class To The Urban Crisis
04.11.19 Mending, repairing, and upcycling at Middla
04.11.19 The EUROPA rocket, an embarrassing story
03.11.19 Electrochemical evaluation of new materials in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
03.11.19 Nasdaq chooses Umeå and its university
03.11.19 Umeå researcher on the top list of future biochemists
03.11.19 Umeå mathematics duo with article that tops philosophy research
03.11.19 8 million SEK to expertise network for sample preparation
03.11.19 New research charts an alternative imaginative path for design
03.11.19 Mixed forests deliver more – but only if mixed correctly!
03.11.19 New formal methods for natural language processing
03.11.19 Moon Eclipse -time!
03.11.19 If a tree falls in a forest, can it lift itself up?
03.11.19 If a leaf can do it – we can do it too!
03.11.19 Aesthetic experiences in the gallery of mathematics
03.11.19 With discovery as a driving force
03.11.19 Suna develops natural language interfaces for robots
03.11.19 His dissertation is followed by the important establishment years
03.11.19 She wants to explore the mysteries of life
03.11.19 Climate change challenges Norway spruce and its set of symbiotic microorganisms
03.11.19 More knowledge about respiration to understand oxygen-free seabeds
03.11.19 Computer systems help healthcare staff make the right diagnosis
03.11.19 Effective data processing in the decentralised cloud infrastructure of the future
03.11.19 Drug residues make bottom-dwelling animals walking pills
03.11.19 Developing molecules that disarm Listeria and Chlamydia bacteria
03.11.19 Is task-driven social media falling short in stimulating human relations?
03.11.19 Taking the pulse of AI in Sweden
03.11.19 Large amounts of antimicrobial substances in Swedish sewage treatment plants
03.11.19 New professor with focus on ethical and societal impact of AI
03.11.19 Novel strategy to analyse biomarkers in exhaled breath
03.11.19 SEK 30 million grant for malaria parasite research
03.11.19 Umeå Institute of Design ranked first by Red Dot
03.11.19 Greenhouse emissions from Siberian rivers peak as permafrost thaws
03.11.19 Good news for fishermen: “Browning” impacts fish less than expected
03.11.19 Expert in chemistry education becomes honorary doctor
03.11.19 Honorary doctors in the fields of ecology and physics
03.11.19 New professor with a passion for architecture in areas of political change and social deprivation
03.11.19 Biochemist and metabolomics researcher take honorary roles at Umeå University
03.11.19 New Professors at the Faculty inaugurated in 2017
03.11.19 Methods to handle troublesome operator functions
03.11.19 New leadership at Umeå School of Architecture
03.11.19 Twelve centuries of European summer droughts
03.11.19 Trending Science: Giant planet discovered that shouldn’t even exist
02.11.19 Power-hungry Clouds: How to (Res)train Your Dragon
02.11.19 ComSos YouTube Channel
01.11.19 Empowering SMEs through innovation
01.11.19 Umeå University to lead prestigious AI program
01.11.19 Innovative drugs to tackle antimicrobial resistance
01.11.19 SINE2020 Sustainability Report published!
01.11.19 Project of the Month: Relationship between caffeine and brown fat metabolism
01.11.19 Catching up with DIVERSIFY: fizzing with ideas for aquaculture
31.10.19 Mycoplasma pathogens sneaking past our line of defense
31.10.19 Doctoral student selected for Nobel meeting in Germany
31.10.19 Launch of EU Research Project EXPERT: Towards Off-the-Shelf mRNA Nanomedicines