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27.03.20 MAGNITUDE February 2020 Newsletter
27.03.20 New EU Research Project ImmUniverse: Transforming Diagnosis and Therapy of Immune-Mediated Diseases
27.03.20 New website on ERC project Debt and Persistence of Financial Shocks led by Prof. José-Luis Peydró
27.03.20 Press Release: The ERIC Forum announces new Chair and Vice Chair
27.03.20 Slovak Populists Explore Neglected Social Issues to Strive, says DEMOS study
27.03.20 Smart solutions for over-touristed cities
27.03.20 The light of STARDUST shines in the 2019 Researchers’ Night
27.03.20 Wildfires in Izmir: a green plan for the city, an urban plan for the forests
27.03.20 BNN NEWSLETTER 01/2020
27.03.20 Bouncy and durable rubber pavements could save thousands of lives, scientists say
27.03.20 Increasing the visibility of research infrastructures? There’s a toolkit for that.
27.03.20 Innovative services and products for the circular economy
27.03.20 MSCA MaRaThoN 2020: online training course addressed to top candidates who wish to apply for the upcoming call Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - IF
27.03.20 New Q-SORT Foundational Paper for Using Conformal Transformations in Electron Microscopy
27.03.20 Research Infrastructures and COVID-19 Research
27.03.20 The FIRE-IN Newsletter COVID-19 Special Edition Best practices and guidelines from European Fire and Rescue services
27.03.20 Scientists “film” a quantum measurement
27.03.20 Modelling of intergranular stress corrosion cracking mechanism
27.03.20 How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
27.03.20 Neuronal assembly formation and non-random recurrent connectivity induced by homeostatic structural plasticity
27.03.20 Introducing GEOTHERMICA, an umbrella initiative to help focus and target resources for the uptake and commercialisation of innovative geothermal technologies
26.03.20 Microfabrication and Integration Using Sub-Picosecond Laser Pulses and Magnetic Assembly
26.03.20 Can quantum cyberattacks be prevented? An EU initiative says yes, shows how
26.03.20 Single-patient isolation and transport system could help tackle the coronavirus outbreak
26.03.20 Trending Science: Why has ‘flatten the curve’ become the public health mantra in the global fight against coronavirus?
26.03.20 On droplet interactions and suspension flow
26.03.20 The global energy system through a prism of change
26.03.20 Research project on digital twins on IVA's 100 list
26.03.20 AI research gets lot of media coverage
25.03.20 Umeå University climbs on global university rankings in art and design
25.03.20 Information to our candidates, supervisors and external partners
25.03.20 Niclas Börlin receive the Talbert Abrams Award
25.03.20 Multinational project aims for the first time to provide evidence on how smartphone usage affects kids
25.03.20 New Na-ion cells to accelerate the European Energy Transition
25.03.20 New sensors to monitor energy consumption in buildings in Valencia
25.03.20 The evMANIFESTO released
25.03.20 Valencia: sensors on public buses to make passengers happier and cut air pollutants
24.03.20 BEACON boosts Agricultural Insurance
24.03.20 Lab on a chip? Developing a tiny, super-resolution optical microscope
24.03.20 World Water Day 2020: Desalination technologies provide safe and sustainable drinking water
24.03.20 Trust in others predicts mortality in the United States
24.03.20 Yard vegetation is associated with gut microbiota composition
24.03.20 Bright and efficient light without rare metals
24.03.20 Attention to Umeå research on the World Tuberculosis Day
24.03.20 Creating an Artificial Software Developer
24.03.20 Creating an Artificial Software Developer
23.03.20 Molecular Processes in Dynamic Wetting
23.03.20 Pores, inclusions and electromagnetic stirring
23.03.20 Creating market knowledge from big data: Artificial intelligence and human resources
23.03.20 Unpacking Employer Branding in the Information Technology Industry
23.03.20 Insights into muscle function enhance our understanding of heart disease
23.03.20 Pattern recognition and transformational growth adjustments alongside ring roads: Descriptive mapping from four case studies
23.03.20 Boosting European innovation in low-energy computing with technology transfer experiments
23.03.20 Evaluating the environmental sustainability of biochemicals