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12.11.19 SINE2020: The development of in-situ NMR
12.11.19 Made in Europe: Taking a major step towards building supercomputers
12.11.19 Working on induced pluripotent stem cells? EBiSC2 wants your opinion
11.11.19 Speeding up the transition towards sustainable cities
11.11.19 Nanomagnets made of graphene for faster and more sustainable information technologies
11.11.19 Response Matrix Reloaded: for Monte Carlo Simulations in Reactor Physics
11.11.19 Avatar capital: The relationships between player orientation and their avatar's social, symbolic, economic and cultural capital
11.11.19 Deconstructing value: The role of resource access in determining value processes and value outcomes at different stages of the consumption journey
11.11.19 Ventilation Performance in Operating Rooms: A Numerical Assessment
11.11.19 Essays on Financial Technology and SME Finance: A Tale of Two Effects of the Global Financial Crisis: Financing SMEs and Innovative Financing
11.11.19 Dynamics of Spent Nuclear Fuel Dissolution: Impact of Catalysis, Matrix Composition and Time Evolution
11.11.19 Response Matrix Reloaded: for Monte Carlo Simulations in Reactor Physics
11.11.19 Communicating through sound: learning from media production to advance sonic interaction design
11.11.19 Effect of tempering on the impact-abrasive and abrasive wear resistance of ultra-high strength steels
11.11.19 Mosquito nets: Are they catching more fishes than insects?
11.11.19 Echo, SCORE, Courier, Telstar and Relay – early telecom satellites
10.11.19 Western Siberian rivers and lakes emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
10.11.19 ENRICH in the USA Webinar: Cybersecurity - Monday, 18 November at 16h30 CET
10.11.19 Ecologist receives Umeå municipality’s Scientific Prize 2019
09.11.19 Dresden focuses on sustainable urban development for a climate-friendly future
09.11.19 Smart city and wise city
09.11.19 Highlights from Cloudscape Brazil 2019 Post Event Report
09.11.19 The Future is Now: Taking Snapshots of Tomorrow with the Future Tech Week
09.11.19 EOSC-Pillar Launches National Initiatives Survey
09.11.19 A new European research initiative will develop innovative ways of detecting victims trapped under debris
09.11.19 ESSIAL project
09.11.19 Trending Science: Eating red meat isn’t bad for you, new study says
09.11.19 Have your say! Share your views on future ICT Research & Innovation Priorities between Brazil and Europe
09.11.19 New low-consumption diesel engine generates less contaminating particles
09.11.19 Widely used blood pressure drugs might put heart at risk
09.11.19 An additional 20 million for AI competence
09.11.19 New possibilities for light-emitting plastics with patterned light
09.11.19 25th FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
09.11.19 25th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
09.11.19 25th FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
09.11.19 25th IEEE FRUCT Conference: Registration
09.11.19 25th FRUCT Conference: Program
09.11.19 The UN trains weapons inspectors in Umeå
09.11.19 New data exposes the links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing
09.11.19 The Saxophone Quartet of the Royal Swedish Army Band
09.11.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Venue map
09.11.19 Opera for lunch
08.11.19 New report from Stockholm Resilience Centre: Halving greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030
08.11.19 Making ceramic tile production greener with reused heat
08.11.19 The need for long time series
08.11.19 Mechanical modeling of granite subjected to contact loading
08.11.19 Mechanical modeling of granite subjected to contact loading
08.11.19 Advances in droplet evaporation
08.11.19 Topics in the mean-field type approach to pedestrian crowd modeling and conventions
08.11.19 American PhD students study global climate problems at Umeå University
08.11.19 Can smarter forest buffer strips along streams help to mitigate climate change?
08.11.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
08.11.19 26th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
08.11.19 25th FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
08.11.19 Transformation of the vehicle industry and the transport system