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03.04.20 Just One-Third of the World’s Longest Rivers Remain Free-Flowing
03.04.20 28th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation
03.04.20 28th FRUCT Conference: Demos & Posters
03.04.20 28th FRUCT Conference: News and Updates
03.04.20 FRUCT Technical Committee
02.04.20 Trending Science: Combining physical distancing scenarios are best weapons to tackle COVID-19, study says
02.04.20 Catching up with ColRobot: A robotic mobile manipulator ready to go and tailor-made for industry
02.04.20 Project of the Month: Ramping up EU research excellence to combat COVID-19
02.04.20 “Simplified modelling of application and infrastructure, with a focus on performance of deployed applications”
02.04.20 Smart City of Umeå shares videos and insights on sustainable solutions
02.04.20 28th FRUCT Conference: Submit paper
02.04.20 28th FRUCT Conference: Program
02.04.20 28th FRUCT Conference: Venue map
02.04.20 An Antiviral Formulation with DNA Gyrase and RNA Dependent RNA Polymerase Suppressive Features As an Adjunct Treatment for Coronaviral Infections
02.04.20 Using prediction models to manage the coronavirus outbreak
02.04.20 Workshop on Machine Learning and Optimization for Communications Networks
02.04.20 An Experimental Investigation of Shape Distortions in Aerospace Composites
02.04.20 An Experimental Investigation of Shape Distortions in Aerospace Composites
01.04.20 Tiny woodlands are more important than previously thought
01.04.20 Suna develops natural language interfaces for robots
01.04.20 With discovery as a driving force
01.04.20 Aesthetic experiences in the gallery of mathematics
01.04.20 If a leaf can do it – we can do it too!
01.04.20 Nasdaq chooses Umeå and its university
01.04.20 Umeå researcher on the top list of future biochemists
01.04.20 Umeå mathematics duo with article that tops philosophy research
01.04.20 8 million SEK to expertise network for sample preparation
01.04.20 New research charts an alternative imaginative path for design
01.04.20 Climate change challenges Norway spruce and its set of symbiotic microorganisms
01.04.20 She wants to explore the mysteries of life
01.04.20 His dissertation is followed by the important establishment years
01.04.20 New formal methods for natural language processing
01.04.20 Mixed forests deliver more – but only if mixed correctly!
01.04.20 If a tree falls in a forest, can it lift itself up?
01.04.20 Moon Eclipse -time!
01.04.20 The Department of Computing Science is expanding rapidly
01.04.20 New leadership at Umeå School of Architecture
01.04.20 Twelve centuries of European summer droughts
01.04.20 Two Umeå researchers on IVA's 100 list 2020
01.04.20 The effect of start-up on energy recovery and compositional changes in brewery wastewater in bioelectrochemical systems
01.04.20 Studying the inertias of LCM matrices and revisiting the Bourque-Ligh conjecture
01.04.20 Hyperspectral phase imaging based on denoising in complex-valued eigensubspace
31.03.20 Power-hungry Clouds: How to (Res)train Your Dragon
31.03.20 Autonomous forestry and farming: how close we are?
31.03.20 Q-SORT scientists set their sights on egg white lysozyme
31.03.20 CNR-NANO (Q-SORT Coordinator) and the Scuola Normale Superiore, by way of the NEST Laboratory, to donate their PPE to support the COVID-19 emergency
31.03.20 ARCHIVER Tender deadline extended to 28 April
31.03.20 Harmonising clinical data to facilitate large-scale health research
31.03.20 STARGATE a breakthrough, multiscale and holistic climate-smart agriculture methodology
31.03.20 Videkvartetten
31.03.20 New software for solving eigenvalue problems
31.03.20 Kempe funds 10 postdocs in AI and software for international leadership
31.03.20 Interpretation, Modeling and Visualization of Crowdsourced Road Condition Data
31.03.20 A study of Cr3C2-based HVOF- and HVAF-sprayed coatings: Abrasion, dry particle erosion and cavitation erosion resistance
31.03.20 How to quickly and efficiently identify huge gene data sets to help coronavirus research