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23.09.18 Drought-tolerant species thrive despite returning rains in the Sahel
23.09.18 Dark matter does not contain certain axion-like particles
23.09.18 Large variations in precipitation over the past millennium
23.09.18 Copper gives an answer to the rise of oxygen
23.09.18 Water Exists as Two Different Liquids
23.09.18 Amid rapid change, major Arctic study highlights need to prepare for surprises
23.09.18 Thiamine deficiency in wildlife more widespread than previously thought
23.09.18 High levels of chemicals found in indoor cats
23.09.18 Three ERC Advanced Grants to Stockholm University
23.09.18 Sahara greening intensify tropical cyclone activity worldwide
23.09.18 New Nordic Centre of Excellence focusing on Arctic mining communities
23.09.18 EIT Annual Report 2010 published
23.09.18 Small brain is good for the immune system – if you are a fish
23.09.18 A summary of latest developments: the EIT Newsletter is out
23.09.18 European Commission launches consultation on EU research & innovation funding - including EIT
23.09.18 Agreements between EIT and Climate-KIC signed
23.09.18 EIT Entrepreneurship workshop series continues
23.09.18 Alexander von Gabain to succeed Martin Schuurmans as EIT Chairman on 15 September 2011
23.09.18 IMCO delegation visits the EIT
23.09.18 EIT March-April newsletter is out
23.09.18 EIT Presentation to the Informal Competitiveness Council Meeting
23.09.18 European Commission consults on the EIT's future strategy
23.09.18 New themes for KICs discussed at the EIT’s “Vision for the Future” Stakeholder Conference
23.09.18 Meet the EIT at the Europe Festival
23.09.18 MIT Executive Director visits the EIT
23.09.18 Enhancing entrepreneurship activities through cross-KIC exchange: fourth EIT Entrepreneurship Workshop
23.09.18 José Manuel Leceta appointed Director of the EIT
23.09.18 EIT Acting Director Dr Ronald de Bruin and the KIC CEOs at the European Parliament
23.09.18 EIT Evaluation Published
23.09.18 EIT Chairman presents the EIT at the China - CEE Trade and Investment Forum
23.09.18 Interview with José Manuel Leceta - EIT Director
23.09.18 The EIT's Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) - Investing in Innovation beyond 2014
23.09.18 Trending Science: Egyptians were mummifying their dead much earlier than previously thought
23.09.18 Teaching robots how to interact with children with autism
23.09.18 INTERACT Transnational Access Call is open for projects taking place between March 2019 and April 2020
22.09.18 Half the population of the Viking-town Sigtuna were migrants
22.09.18 Highly-Sensitive Refractive Index Sensing by Near-infrared Metatronic Nanocircuits
22.09.18 Cognitive load and metacognitive confidence extraction from pupillary response
22.09.18 Payment page
22.09.18 23rd FRUCT
22.09.18 Study shows blind people depend on timing cues for spatial estimations
22.09.18 Smart city platform to monitor electric mobility
22.09.18 Quicker and simpler test to detect infectious disease in dogs
22.09.18 10/05/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of Control Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech.) Navid Khajehzadeh
22.09.18 Privacy - personal and political
22.09.18 Computational Study of Calmodulin’s Ca2+-dependent Conformational Ensembles
22.09.18 Lab tour
22.09.18 Experiences from a successful career of research and entrepreneurship - Lunch Seminar with Professor Stefan Ståhl
22.09.18 Occupational Health Services Professionals; skills, needs and experiences shared in a learning network. Co-operative inquiry performed in the manufacturing sector
22.09.18 10/05/18: Defence in the field of computer science, Anna Cichonska, M.Sc.
22.09.18 10/05/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, Paavo Niskala, M.Sc.(Tech.)
22.09.18 10/05/18: Defence of dissertation in leadership, organisations and work psychology, Emma Nordbäck, M.Sc.(Tech.)
21.09.18 Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean heat transport might lead to hot European summers
21.09.18 Spaceships and Recycling Tips at UID18 – Umeå Institute of Design’s Degree Exhibition