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16.01.18 Kaunas Free Economic Zone Highly Commended in Global Ranking
16.01.18 From flagship to spaceship: two experiments pushing the frontier of graphene’s potential
16.01.18 01/18/18: Plant Design Event
16.01.18 Lithuanian Scientists' Solution for Shaky Hands Condition Hits the Market
16.01.18 Workshop on Biomechanical Imaging
16.01.18 Workshop of Mathematical Solutions in Business and Industry (ESGI 142)
16.01.18 61st Meeting of EURO Working Group for Commodities and Financial Modelling
16.01.18 01/27/18: Defence of Dissertation in Organization and Management, Hanna Maula M.Sc.(Soc.) Lic.Phil.
15.01.18 Avustus
15.01.18 Could renewables crowdfunding assist “unplugged” Africa?
15.01.18 Methods to handle troublesome operator functions
15.01.18 Structural Properties of High-Strength Macro Basalt Fibre Concrete - Flexure, Shear, Punching Shear and Fire Spalling
15.01.18 Structure formation, phase transitions and drag interactions in multicomponent superconductors and superfluids
15.01.18 Methods to handle troublesome operator functions
15.01.18 Strong Cosmic Censorship and Cosmic No-Hair in spacetimes with symmetries
15.01.18 01/19/18: Defence in the field of systems and operations reseach, Tuomas Lahtinen, M.Sc.(Tech.)
15.01.18 01/19/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of industrial engineering and management, Sini Jämsén, TkL
15.01.18 01/26/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of advanced energy systems, Janne Heikinheimo, M.Sc.(Tech.)
15.01.18 Trending Science: The ‘biggest breakthrough in neurodegenerative diseases for 50 years’ – potential treatment for Huntington’s just announced
15.01.18 Fully integrated circuits successfully printed directly onto fabric
15.01.18 Synthesis of degradable aliphatic polyesters: strategies to tailor the polymer microstructure
15.01.18 A search for Supersymmetry in final states with two same-flavor opposite-sign leptons, jets and missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector
15.01.18 Digital Marketing Strategy: B2B and Stakeholders Communication
15.01.18 The Specter of Scarcity: Experiencing and Coping with Metal Shortages, 1870-2015
14.01.18 01/15/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of computer science, Sukhpal Ghuman, M.Eng.
14.01.18 01/19/18: Defence of dissertation in the field of chemical technology, Kristian Melin, M.Sc.
14.01.18 KTU Rector’s Election Process Started
14.01.18 Vygaudas Ušackas Awarded Honorary Degree of the University of Urbino
14.01.18 eLABa software upgrade works on the 19th of December
14.01.18 Fabrication and evaluation of two dimentional regular nanostructures
14.01.18 81% of Lithuanian Startups Would Employ People from non-EU Countries
14.01.18 The Force is strong with EU-funded research
14.01.18 Trending Science: Back off ladies, man flu is real!
14.01.18 TETRAMAX: boosting European innovation in computing
13.01.18 Life Cycle Assessment of Paper Based Printed Circuits
13.01.18 KTU Rector’s Election Process Started
13.01.18 Diversification is key to boosting EU’s aquaculture sector
13.01.18 Attempted suicide in the young related to dramatically reduced life expectancy
13.01.18 Attempted suicide in the young related to dramatically reduced life expectancy
13.01.18 Metoprolol adsorption, desorption and biodegradation dynamics in biological activated carbon systems
13.01.18 Dadaistic Mona Lisa Mural – the Hottest KTU Campus Attraction
13.01.18 KTU Students Are Developing Dissolving Lenses for Glaucoma Treatment
13.01.18 Creative Industries‘ Impact on National Economy
13.01.18 Lithuania Is Becoming Increasingly Attractive to International Investors
13.01.18 Christmas Fair Weekend in Kaunas
13.01.18 Evaluation of location‘s attractivenedd for business growth in the context of smart development
13.01.18 For KTU Students – Unique Possibility to Study in the US
13.01.18 Japan: Country Where All the Trains Come on Time
13.01.18 Graduation Ceremony
13.01.18 Research on Sensors for Transportation Control Systems
13.01.18 KTU Alumni Darius Vaičiulis Co-Piloting in Dakar Rally 2018
13.01.18 Cultural Route for the First Weekend of 2018
13.01.18 KTU Is Active Contributor to Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Growth in Lithuania
13.01.18 Global Investors Choose Kaunas for Its Talent Pool
13.01.18 Training sessions at KTU Library in January