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23rd FRUCT

13.11 - 16.11

IMSA18 workshop

14.11 - 16.11

ISAI18 workshop

14.11 - 15.11

IDEA18 workshop

14.11 - 15.11

ISMW23 seminar

15.11 - 16.11

24th FRUCT

08.04 - 12.04

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Take part in Mobile Data Challenge organized by Nokia

Do you have an interest in analyzing Big Data, collected in real life, mobile context? Nokia Research Center Lausanne and its academic Swiss partners (Idiap and EPFL) have recently completed a Data Collection Campaign ( in the Lake Geneva region. Rich data from smartphones of almost 200 participants was collected in the course of more than one year. The Mobile Data Challenge (MDC) releases the Lausanne data for the research community.