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28th FRUCT

25.01 - 29.01

DataWorld workshop

27.01 - 28.01

29th FRUCT

12.05 - 14.05

AMICT 2021

12.05 - 13.05

2nd DataWorld workshop

12.05 - 13.05

MMDM2021 workshop

12.05 - 13.05

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27th IEEE FRUCT will allow remote participation

Despite COVID-19, we keep on collecting submissions and plan to hold FRUCT as planned on September 7-9. We will continue to monitor the evolving situation related to the coronavirus disease outbreak and potential impact on global travel. We wish to reassure that should a physical conference be unsafe or should people have travel limitations imposed by national and international authorities, the remote presentations/recordings will be possible. We welcome you to submit your papers to FRUCT27.