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28th FRUCT

25.01 - 29.01

DataWorld workshop

27.01 - 28.01

29th FRUCT

12.05 - 14.05

AMICT 2021

12.05 - 13.05

2nd DataWorld workshop

12.05 - 13.05

MMDM2021 workshop

12.05 - 13.05

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Special issue of Electronics journal for FRUCT26 participants

The selected papers the 26th FRUCT conference are invited to to publish extended version of the paper in the special issue of Electronics journal (ISSN 2079-9292, impact factor 1.677, Q1 quartile). So far at least 2 papers from FRUCT26 has been already selected for this special issue, the authors will be informed by personal emails. For more details please visit the following the SI page.