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PhD Positions Available at Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Applications are invited for PhD positions for the newly established Nano Communications Center (NCC) at Tampere University of Technology (http://et4nbic.cs.tut.fi/nanocom/index.html), Tampere, Finland.

Positions are available for several PhDs students with:
• Strong background in wireless communications, signal processing, information theory, mathematical foundations, physical layer and network protocols.
• Background in biomedical engineering, biology, physics or chemistry is preferred but not mandatory
• Master Degree or equivalent

Please submit your resume to Prof. Yevgeni Koucheryavi yk<at>cs.tut.fi at your earliest convenience.

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is a new structured department that started to operate on 1st of January, 2013.

Research fields in the Department are Advanced Electronics Systems, Electronic and Biomaterials and Manufacturing, and Communication and Positioning Circuits and Systems. The department has a modern, forward-looking research agenda that is both scientifically ambitious and industrially relevant and well aligned with the general research strategy of the University. The research agenda combines elements of science and technology in innovative ways and is open to new initiatives. The department maintains close ties with industry and the broader society.