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Sun Tech Days 2010: A Worldwide Developer Conference

April 8-9, Saint Petersburg, LenExpo

Software developers, project leaders, system administrators and students are all invited to the Worldwide Developer Conference Sun Tech Days 2010. This conference is a part of world tour and will become the biggest event for Java and Solaris community in Europe! Last year Sun Tech Days in Saint Petersburg gathered more than 3500 attendees. Advance your knowledge at Sun Tech Days. Join expert technologists and fellow developers for a multiday immersion into enterprise technologies. Sun evangelists will lead a no-hype, code-heavy curriculum focused on just two things: providing you with real-world best practices and helping you to improve your development skills.
The star of Sun Tech Days 2010 in Saint Petersburg will be James Gosling - the author of Java, legendary person for developers all over the world. The second day of the conference will be opened with a keynote session from Oracle.
Register for the conference today, come and get to know everything you wanted to know about Java (EE, SE, ME), JavaFX, Solaris, virtualization, IDE, JavaFX TV, Java7 and much more! Participate and ask your questions in the Pavilion, take a training or try the new technologies on Hands-on-Labs sessions!
Participation is free of charge. Registration is required at