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24th FRUCT

08.04 - 12.04

ISAI19 workshop

10.04 - 11.04

25th FRUCT

05.11 - 08.11

AMICT19 workshop

06.11 - 08.11

IDEA19 workshop

07.11 - 08.11

NRC presents "Smart-M3" open source platform

Nokia Research Center (NRC) presented the "Smart-M3" open source platform at the NoTA Conference ( Sept 30 - Oct 1, San Jose.

Smart-M3 is a new functional software platform developed by NRC Helsinki in partnership with SOFIA and the Devices and Interoperability Ecosystem project - DIEM). It allows multiple applications from multiple vendors to share ad-hoc information across numerous domains, enabling cross domain and cross platform interoperability.

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Within the scope of FRUCT six seminars were organized.

{First seminar} took place on 21-23 May, 2007, at the {SPbSUAI} premises (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

{Second seminar} took place on 7-8 November, 2007, at the {Dtvgroup} premises (Turku, Finland).

{Third seminar} took place on 21-23 May, 2008, at the {SPbSUAI} premises (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

{Fourth seminar} took place on 29-31 October, 2008, at the {Tampere University of Technology} premises (Tampere, Finland) and at Nokia Research Center.

{Fifth seminar} took place on 29-30 April, 2009, at the {SPbSUAI} premises (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). {Practical information} for the seminar.

{Sixth seminar} will take place on 3-6 November 2009, at {Helsinki University of Technologies}, and {Nokia Research Center}, (Helsinki Finland)

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Invitation to the 2nd Smart Spaces ruSMART conference and 9th International Conference on Next Generation Wired/Wireless Networking NEW2AN

2009 September 15-17, 2009. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The ruSMART conference explores and explains the scope and challenges of Smart Spaces research and development. The conference aims to bring together research professionals from diverse fields including but not limited to wireless communication, ubiquitous networks, software development, multimedia, services, and business in both academia and industry.

Russian Mobile VAS Awards

Welcome to participate at the Russian Mobile VAS Awards'2009 competition. Entry deadline: October 16, 2009. The Awards winners will be announced at the VI Mobile VAS Conference gala dinner and Awards Ceremony on November 19. Russian Mobile VAS Awards'2009 categories: