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25th FRUCT

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Tepebaşı is a town of Eskişehir in western Turkey embracing a return to urban cycling albeit with a novelty – the bikes are electric.
Since January 2018 the EU-funded project PANBioRA is developing a modular system for a comprehensive risk assessment of biomaterials. The instrument will be able to compare different biomaterials and help doctors to choose the best suited material for a patient before implantation. Another function of the system is the risk assessment of new biomaterials (synthesised or obtained by modification of known biomaterials), which might have unforeseeable interactions with the immune system.
The Amyloid imaging to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AMYPAD) prognostic study wants to follow up and understand the natural history of Alzheimer’s disease ranging from cognitively normal, through subjective cognitive decline towards mild cognitive impairment in order to define the optimal window of opportunity for secondary prevention of Alzheimer’s disease through ß-amyloid PET imaging.
A few months from now REMOURBAN will come to an end. As a farewell to its readers, the project released a brochure on its achievements and legacy
Policy brief provides guidance for EU and New Zealand-based policymakers who face similar challenges in I4.0 and IoT implementation.
Umeå University is uniquely positioned in Sweden with a complete and first-class technical infrastructure for research in structural biology. As a result of a large grant from the Kempe Foundation, a postdoctoral programme has been initiated to stimulate bold structural biology research of the highest class.
Thanks to an EU initiative, a better trained workforce using the innovative potential of photonics will become a reality.
Researchers have identified a protein that can help develop a cure for pain caused by nerve injury or disease.
Study urges to modify food production and halt land abuse to prevent devastating global warming.
Time: Fri 2019-11-15 15.00 Location: Stockholm Concert Hall Type of event: Academic ceremonies