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25th FRUCT

05.11 - 08.11

AMICT19 workshop

06.11 - 08.11

IDEA19 workshop

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ISMW seminar

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3rd ISAI workshop

07.11 - 08.11

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The number of applicants to Turku University of Applied Sciences increased again this year. The total number of applicants in this spring’s joint application was 19 974.
The population is ageing rapidly. VIRTU project (Virtual Elderly Care Services on the Baltic Islands) rises to the challenge and creates chances for the elderly to survive longer at home.
The Puppet Theatre thesis festival Fanatik Figuras provides six artistic theses and a great deal of supplementary programme at Köysi Theatre and all over the Arts Academy. 
Turku University of Applied Sciences will, together with the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi, host the ICEE 2012 conference. The purpose is to consider e.g. how the education of engineers could even better respond to the challenges of a global future.
Doctor of Philosophy Juhani Soini has been appointed as a vice rector of Turku University of Applied Sciences according to the proposal by TUAS Board.
Disc golf, ice fishing and Intensive Care Intelligence for mobile devices, tablets and traditional computers. Almost 50 student groups from the universities in Turku participated in the ICT Showroom event. It aims is to boost universities’ abilities in the commercialisation of their research results.
A graduate of TUAS, Kimmo Leppäkorpi, made the video as Bachelor's thesis for the degree in Information Technology. The idea was to celebrate the Capital of Culture Year of Turku.
Vice Rector, Adjunct Professor, Saara Lampelo will leave her post at Turku University of Applied Sciences, which she has held for almost ten years. Besides filling her days with expert tasks, she has also been fighting for learning and data transfer.
The SAMBAH project, which utilises echo sound recording to detect porpoises, proves that an endangered porpoise species is living in the Baltic Sea. This information is vital for the conservation of the species.