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2011-10-05 The Participants of the Project Were Taught of How to Sew Ethnical Lithuanian Shoes "Vyžos" and How to Make Paper
2011-10-05Prof. S. C. Ramer Introduced the Interpretation of Russian History in USA
2011-10-04The PhD Dissertation was Defended
2011-10-05"The Night of Explorers" Invited to Take an Interest in Scientific Discoveries
In recent decades, North Sea cod and other threatened stocks have been maturing earlier and earlier, and are therefore getting smaller. The likely cause of this is overfishing. However, new research results from the Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, show that the warmer climate is putting this right. “It’s the increase in the sea temperature that has saved the cod from becoming the small fry we’d expected. If the temperature had been constant for the last thirty years, things would probably have appeared very different,” says fish ecologist Peter Grønkjær.
Supernovae are gigantic stellar explosions that can be seen across the entire universe. Type Ia supernovae are a class of stellar explosions in which so-called white dwarfs explode. Researchers can use these as indicators for observing the acceleration of the universe and as cosmological distance indicators.
Tropical areas provide similar conditions with high temperatures and humidity regardless of whether you are in Asia, Africa or South America. And you can find lush rainforests in all these places. However, tropical rainforests are not the same. There are fundamental differences in the species composition in the rainforests on the different continents.