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Streams need to breath, just as humans, to stay healthy. This allows oxygen to improve water quality and sustain fish life, and greenhouse gases out which affects global warming. Gas exchange is driven by turbulence and bubbles, which in turn generate the characteristic stream flow sound. Researchers from Umeå University have developed a new method that uses sound recordings to estimate how fast gases exchange between air and water. The study is published in Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.
In their new book, "Changing Things: The Future of Objects in a Digital World", assistant professor Heather Wiltse and professor Johan Redström explore what the networked, digital products of our time actually do and whom they are really designed for.
Time: Wed 2019-09-18 14.15 - 15.00 Location: Lecture hall - FD5 AlbaNova, Roslagstullsbacken 21 Type of event: Misc
Time: Tue 2019-08-20 10.00 Location: Sal F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH Type of event: Public defences of doctoral theses
Severe winters combined with heat waves and droughts during summer in Europe. Those were the consequences as the Atlantic Ocean heat transport nearly collapsed 12,000 years ago. The same situation might occur today, according to a new study published in Nature Communications.
Researchers at Stockholm University have developed a method to multiply the lifespan of nickel-metal hydride batteries. This means that the batteries can handle a great many more charging cycles without losing capacity. The new method also means that the batteries can easily be restored once they have begun to wear out, unlike other rechargeable batteries that must be melted down for recycling.
A talk on Stem Cell-Derived Cell Sheets for Tissue Regeneration. Speaker slots available at Stem Cells Congress, November 06-07, 2019, Tokyo, Japan Conference web page: https://stemcells.pulsusconference.com/
Thanks to a digital initiative, seamless mobility using public transport across several neighbouring European countries will become a reality.
EU-funded researchers have developed a system that helps fish farmers in Lake Victoria while also protecting the environment.
Time: Wed 2019-09-18 12.15 - 13.00 Location: Sydöstra galleriet/South East Gallery Type of event: Popular science lectures A lunch lecture on how we can build and live in a sustainable way.