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New data on the distribution and area of kelp forests in the Nordic region provides a reference point for assessing large-scale changes in the future.
Time: Tue 2022-10-11 - 23.59
Researchers work on easier, cheaper and more efficient renewable methanol production to cut transport carbon emissions.
EU-backed astrophysicists have found a dormant black hole nine times the mass of our Sun in a neighbouring galaxy.
As Europe sizzles, keeping cool in an ever-warming world will be a challenge.
The EU-funded "4.UNCAN.eu" project has issued a call for European cancer research experts to set a strategic agenda of research priorities in cancer.
18.10.2017 10:00–11:00 Lecture Exactum C123 "The teaching demonstration is within the general area of algorithms and machine learning. The choice of topic and the level of presentation roughly aimes at first-year master's students within this area."
27.10.2017 12:00–15:00 Defence of thesis Forest House, Hall 6, Unioninkatu 40