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Ecologists at Umeå University in Sweden have discovered that plant communities follow different trajectories when they adapt to dryer conditions than when they adapt to more frequently flooded conditions. Further, in two side studies in the same experiment they found that flooding history of the vegetation alter the response of germinating seeds and of litter decomposition to the current conditions.
A new study has shown that vitamin K2 could be beneficial for proper calcium utilisation and increase the safety of age-related bone loss treatments.
Time: Tue 2019-05-28 13.00 Location: F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH Type of event: Defence of dissertations
Municipal staff in Valladolid, Spain, are going electric in their daily work. With a fleet of 13 e-cars, the municipality is leading by example in adopting a more ecological behaviour thanks to EU-funded project REMOURBAN.
Conference on Gender Equality Policies in Research Institutions: Promoting transformative and sustainable changes, was conducted on 22nd May in Brussels, with the aim to introduce the H2020 EQUAL-IST project results and tools, to the scientific and policy community across Europe that built along the last three years of implementation. The major aim was to discuss opportunities to innovate at teaching, students’ services, HR management and Institutional communication via gender equality.
Researchers may soon be gaining greater insight into the cosmos’ most extreme phenomena with over 100 telescopes offering higher resolution, unparalleled accuracy and 10 times the sensitivity of current instruments.
Scientists have discovered fossils that reveal a long-lost cousin of modern humans.
Time: Wed 2019-06-26 08.30 - Fri 2019-06-28 16.00 Location: Alba Nova Type of event: Conferences and events
Time: Wed 2019-06-26 08.30 - Fri 2019-06-28 16.00 Location: Alba Nova Type of event: Conferences and events
A new immersive experience called Bear & Co sets participants the tricky task of trying to run a tech startup without abandoning all of their values.