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30th FRUCT

27.10 - 29.10

IDEA workshop 2021

27.10 - 28.10

AMICT workshop 2021

28.10 - 29.10

3rd DataWorld workshop

28.10 - 29.10

31st FRUCT

27.04 - 29.04

AMICT workshop 2022

28.04 - 29.04

4th DataWorld

28.04 - 29.04

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Structure of FRUCT proceedings

The FRUCT proceedings consists of 2 parts:
1) The first part is called Full Papers. The papers from this section are published in IEEE Xplore, ACM, РИНЦ, DOAJ and They are indexed by Scopus, WoS, DBLP, ACM, РИНЦ, Finnish national library, and a few other indexes, e.g., Google Scholar. It is also included in SJR rating. In order to get into this part of the proceedings it is not sufficient to just get positive reviews and pass review process, but you have to be in top 40% of the selected papers, which is not easy to achieve.
2) The second part is called ACM section. To this section of the proceedings we accept the papers that get positive reviews, but couldn’t get to the top percent. Also Short paper and Demo/Poster papers are published in this part of the proceedings, but if these papers are less than 4 pages they will not be indexed by ACM and РИНЦ. The historical name of this section is Work in Progress (WiP). We prefer to not use this this name as it doesn't reflect the actual status and quality of the papers accepted for publication in this section. But we on purpose attract attention of the conference participants to make sure that all participants clearly understand status of the publication. Papers accepted to this section will be indexed by ACM, РИНЦ (with journal publication status), Finnish national library, and a few other indexes, e.g., Google Scholar. It is published in ACM, DOAJ and We also send all papers from this section to Scopus and WoS for their internal review, but cannot guaranty what will be a decision and whether the paper will be indexed in these systems.

Please note that all accepted papers have the same presentation status, independently of the acceptance status, i.e., all papers are presented together with equal time allocation. Also both types of papers have equal chances to get invite tickets for free of charge publication of an extended version of the paper in the partner journals (Scopus indexed) and to be included in Special proceedings issue (also WoS or/and Scopus indexed). Of course, it will require extra work from the authors to prepare an extended version of the paper, but in exchange authors get 2 publications instead of one: the first one indexed at least by ACM, РИНЦ (as journal paper) and DOAJ, and the second one in the Scopus indexed journal. At every conference we have quite a number of such publication tickets, so teams that need journal publication and ready to work always have great chance to get such ticket.