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Qt and Open Source Working Group


In the last few years we see clear trend towards cross-industrial convergence in ICT. This creates a huge opportunity for service and application developers, but rises level of uncertainty related to selection of the most suitable development platform. We believe that Qt combines all required features and in the future will become the dominant development platform in the converged world. Mission of FRUCT Qt Working Group is to be a point of crystallization of Qt competences and a hobby club for regional Qt activists. The group will promote Qt technology, organize regional chapter of Qt community, participate in organizing regular trainings and contests, and help all member teams to become the world-level experts in Qt. The work group is targeted to form a basis for future start-ups and developer consortia, so that all group members can play together at the developers market. Moreover, the group is going to support regional Qt community and corresponding resources (e.g., qt.e-werest.org). Embedding Qt-oriented disciplines in IT education is considered as another key priority for the working group.

In short-term the work group is targeted to further develop Maemo/MeeGo competences and visibility of all member teams. Each member team has to learn how to publish project in extras-develop and how to further push it to extras repository. Also all teams must learn how to work with Maemo/MeeGo community at meego.fruct.org site. As a deliverable of each step, every team has to show at least one project registered in maemo-extras repository and one article published at meego.fruct.org.

In mid-term each team has to define some niche of MeeGo competences, for which it will run and coordinate localization of the educational materials. Also all teams must contact other teams and define at least one joint activity, i.e. find a way how current projects can be interlinked and jointly create addition added value for the users.

In the long-term the team is targeted to become one of the leaders in development of MeeGo solutions for Russian market and become a key provider of MeeGo educational service in Russia. Also the working group is targeted to assist to the Russian MeeGo community and be open for the new members coming from the community.

Contact e-mail: 
qt-wg@fruct.org, meego-wg@fruct.org
Monday, May 20, 2013 - 18:00