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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'9

Proceedings of the 9th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
25-29 April 2011, Petrozavodsk, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0606-1
Sergey Balandin and Andrey Ovchinnikov

Issue 2 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Anisimov Alexey, Gonchukov Pavel, Turlikov Andrey, Andreev Sergey Energy Efficient Operation of a Wireless Communication System 13 22
Bazanov Peter, Jarvenpaa Tony, Schrader Martin Adaptive Gaze Estimation Based on Fusion of Starburst Algorithm with Object Detection and Natural Features Tracking 23 27
Bespalov Denis, Serebryakov Gregory Location-based Services in Public Buildings: LIST for N900 28 33
Borodinsky Alexey Wireless IPTV over WiMAX 34 40
Korobkov Ilya Embedded Systems' Transport Protocol Choosing for Modelling over the SpaceWire Model 51 62
Korzun Dmitry, Galov Ivan, Kashevnik Alexey, Shilov Nikolay, Krinkin Kirill, Korolev Yury Blogging in the Smart Conference System 63 73
Korzhuk Victoria, Lebedev Ilya The Patterns of Formalization of Nature-language Messages in IT Security Monitoring Systems in Open Computer Networks 74 81
Lomov Alexandr, Vanag Pavel, Korzun Dmitry Multilingual Ontology Library Generator for Smart-M3 Application Development 82 91
Marchenko Svetlana SVG Player Project 96 100
Martynov Nikita RMAP Protocol SystemC Model: Detailed Description and Modelling Features 101 112
Pyattaev Alexander, Andreev Sergey, Koucheryavy Yevgeni Design and Development of a Client Relay System Level Simulator 113 119
Pyattaev Alexander, Sadovnikov Vladimir A Solver-Resistant Challenge Response Spam Protection System 120 126
Ronzhin Alexander An Audiovisual System of Monitoring of Participants in the Smart Meeting Room 127 132
Zaiceva Diana, Galov Ivan, Korzun Dmitry A Blogging Application for Smart Spaces 154 163
Petrov Vitaly, Linsky Evgeny SketchIt: Simple Vector Scheme Editor for Mobile Devices with Touch Screen 199 204
Samoryadova Anna, Bogachev Andrew, Shiryaev Pavel, Kulakov Kirill MySocials Gallery: Application for Browsing Galleries of Images from Social Networks 205 212
Paramonov Ilya, Vasilev Andrew, Kandaurov Oleg, Kulikov Alexander HiveMind Collaborative Mind Map Editor: Architecture and Implementation of Network Subsystem 217 222
Zaharov Sergey, Shiryaev Pavel, Samoryadova Anna, Kulakov Kirill MySocials Libraries: Uni_ed Access to Services of Social Networks 223 230