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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'9

Proceedings of the 9th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
25-29 April 2011, Petrozavodsk, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0606-1
Sergey Balandin and Andrey Ovchinnikov

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Alekseeva Marina, Dashkova Ekaterina Model Checking Approach to the Correctness Proof of Complex Systems 3 6
Andreeva Stanislava, Koblyakova Ludmila, Stepanov Victor The Testing of SpaceWire Network Switching Devices 7 12
Gavrin Eugene Investigation of Flow Graphs Optimization Methods Used in Optimizing Compilers 41 44
Koblyakova Ludmila, Khramenkova Ksenia Administration and Con_guration of Communication SpaceWire Network 45 50
Malichenko Dmitry Optimization of Network Overhead for Transport Layer Coding 92 95
Setkov Alexander Matching Quality Investigation of Motion Estimation Algorithms 133 140
Smirnov Pavel Katkov Yuri, Pochinok Irina, Muromtsev Dmitry, Poster Presentations Management System 141 144
Smirnov Michail, Ilina Diana, Lysenkov Iliya Algorithms for Determining the Centre of the Pupil for the Detection of Eye Movements for Work with Mobile Devices 145 148
Vasilev Boris Usableness Improving for the Nonlocal Means Image De-noising Algorithm to Use Them on Low-powered Embedded Computing Units 149 153
Belyaev Evgeny Low-complexity Video Compression Based on 3-D DWT and fast entropy coding 167 167
Frolov Dmitriy, Bogoiavlenskaia Olga, Bogoiavlenskii Iurii Statistical Analysis of Mobile Device Power Consumption 168 168
Goldshtein Boris, Gerges Mansour Improving IPTV On-demand Transmission Scheme for Broadband Network 169 169
Gurtov Andrei Host Identity Protocol for Mobile WLAN Access 170 170
Gurtov Andrei Enterprise Traffic Analysis 171 171
Huomo Heikki Future Internet as enabler for better health 172 172
Diana Ilina Monitoring Movements of the Human Eye 173 173
Kalwar Santosh, Heikkinen Kari, Jari Porras Novel Techniques for Measuring Anxieties on the Internet 174 174
Kashevnik Alexey Smart Space Working Group Activity Overview 175 175
Korolev Yury KP-based integration of Smart Conference System and Blogging Service 176 176
Makarov Valentin Recovery of the Russian IT market. New trends and opportunities 177 177
Malakhov Alexander Linsky Evgeny Extensions for Smart Conference System 178 178
Medvedev Oleg Yatskovsky Maxim The Current State of m-Health projects in Russia and in the World-Review Lecture 179 179
Yatskovsky Maxim, Medvedev Oleg Connected Health Demo 180 180
Petrov Vitaly, Afanasyeva Alexandra Graphical-based User Authentication Schemes for Mobile Devices Evaluation 181 182
Petrov Dmitry On the Edge of Mobile Evolution 183 183
Pyattaev Alexander, Vladimir Sadovnikov 3D motion CAPTCHA demo 184 184
Reyss Alexandra Virtual Telescope Project Development 185 185
Sannikov Alexander, Bogoiavlenskaia Olga, Bogoiavlenskii Iurii Monitoring and Prediction of Transport Protocols Throughput for Complex Networks 186 187
Ukhanova Ann An overview of H.264/AVC video compression standard 188 188
Zaslavskiy Mark Location Based Platform for Public Transport Monitoring System 189 189
Kachur Oleksandr, Sayenko Vladimir Differences in Automated Testing on MeeGo and Android Mobile Platforms 193 194
Mironov Iliya, Ilina Diana Text Recognition Using OpenCV Libraries for Devices Based on MeeGo 195 198
Ivanov Sergey, Smirnov Michail, Tarasov Petr Video Capturing Service with Social Networks Functionality for MeeGo 213 216
Alhola Kate MAR-drone, Developing AR-Drone Quadrocopter Control Application for MeeGo with Qt Mobility and Qt Components 233 233
Basargin Eugene Hands Free Email for MeeGo 234 234
Bespalov Denis OSMaps Library 235 235
Granichin Oleg Kiyaev Vladimir Educational Course and Workshops on Software Development of Mobile Applications for the Intel Atom 236 236
Ivanov Sergey Protection of Premium Multimedia Content in MeeGo 237 237
Ivashov Kirill Social Network Plugin for Telepathy Framework 238 238
Luchin Roman, Kiyaev Vladimir Personal Robotics: through Game to Science 239 239
Odintsov Igor Intel's Atom Software Strategy Execution through MeeGo and AppUp 240 240
Ovseenko Anton, Minchenkov Victor, Alexander Povalyaev Optimizing the Performance of the Algorithms Block Data Processing in Linux 241 241
Serebryakov Gregory LIST Service: the New Abilities 242 242
Turenko Timofey Automatic Testing Tools in MeeGo 243 243
Paramonov Ilya, Vasilev Andrew Concept of Octotask - Multi-source Task Collector and Manager 244 244
Yudenok Kirill Smart Board Demo for MeeGo with Smart-M3 Platform 245 245