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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'8

Proceedings of the 8th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
9-12 November 2010, Lappeenranta, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0567-5
Sergey Balandin and Andrey Ovchinnikov

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
T. Efimushkina, D. Moltchanov, Y.Koucheryavy Analytical model of WiMAX cell in AMC environment 46 48
K. Egiazarian, A. Gotchev Spline-based Image Interpolators and Decimators: Design and Efficient Implementation 49 52
Y. Katkov, A. Zlobin, I. Pochinok, D.Mouromtsev, J. Valcenko Knowledge management system for the Saint- Petersburg Museum of Optics 75 78
D. Korzun, A. Lomov, P. Vanag SmartSlog 0.3x: New Ontology Library API and Optimization 79 82
A. Kuznecov Mobile sport motion capture system 83 86
I. Mironov, D. Ilina OpenCV performance on MAEMO/MeeGo 105 110
S. Osmolovsky Embedded Operating Systems for Microprocessor Architecture MIPS32 122 127
D. Raszhivin Methods for real-time data delivery with SpaceWire 128 131
D. Bespalov, B. Vasilev, I. Mironov, G.Serebryakov, S. Sosnin Location-based Services in Public Buildings: LIST for N900 175 179
M. Smirnov, D. Ilina, I. Lysenkov Expert control system of convenience of User Interface 180 183
M. Smirnov, S. Ivanov Video capturing service with social networks functionality for MeeGo 195 197
P. Zubarev, M. Zaslavskiy, K. Krinkin Test driven approach for porting software to mobile platforms 234 237
S. Andreev, O. Galinina, A. Turlikov Client Cooperation Technique Evaluation for Modern Broadband Wireless Networks 241 241
E. Belyaev Video coding based on three-dimensional discrete pseudo cosine transform 242 242
S. Bezzateev, N. Voloshina, V.Minchenkov Code methods for increasing the information capacity of digital images 243 243
I. Burlak, S. Zaharov, K. Ivashov, V.Dimitrov, K. Kulakov Maemo-Fremantle Plugins for VKontakte Network and address book 244 244
B. Clair Synchronization of personal information between mobile devices and web-based services 245 45
P. Heinila Aspects of a messages-bus based communications framework in multimodal and multi-device environment to support independent living of elder people 246 246
J. Honkola, H. Laine, R. Brown, O.Tyrkko Smart-M3 Open Source 247 247
K. Ivashov, V. Dimitrov Telepathy Connection Manager based on libvkontakte library 248 248
P. Jones Publishing Research Results: The Writing Process 249 249
A. Kaarna Publishing Research Results: The Research Process 250 251
S. Kalwar, K. Heikkinen, J. Porras Measuring the Feelings of Users to Reduce Internet anxiety 252 252
K. Kirpichenok, V. Dmitriev, A.Sotnikov, V. Dimitrov Maemo/MeeGo Games with Accelerometerbased Control 253 253
A. Knutas Implementing Embedded Web Interaction System for Conferences 254 254
K. Kolehmainen A Communication Middleware Quality Enhancement with Qt Framework 255 255
A. Lebedev, A. Ukhanova, T. T. Pham, N. G. Gonzalez, I. T. Monroy, S.Forchhammer Video transmission in broadband optical-wireless links 256 256
W. Oyomno, P. Jappinen, E. Kerttula Enforcing Privacy Policies in Mobile Context-Aware Services 257 257
A. Rossello-Busquet, G. Kardaras, V.B.Iversen, J. Soler, L. Dittmann Scheduling home appliances for energy efficient buildings 258 258
A. Sergeev, V. Minchenkov On The Online Banking Security 259 259
P. Shiryaev, K. Kulakov QMF Plugins for VKontakte and Facebook Networks 260 260
M. Turenko Enhancing Knowledge Production: Socio-interactional Aspects of R&D Work 261 261
A. Ukhanova Power consumption issues for wireless video transmission 262 262
A. Ukhanova, K. Mazhar Quality Estimation for Scalable Video Coding 263 263
A. Yanes, D. Denes Libmeegotouch: touch everywhere 264 264
S. Zaharov, P. Shiryaev, K. Kulakov Libraries for VKontakte and Facebook Clients: API-based approach 265 265