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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'7

Proceedings of the 7th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
26-30 April 2010, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0529-3
Sergey Balandin and Andrey Ovchinnikov

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
I. Bergmann, D. Zabirohin, P. Andrianov, D. Korzun MobileTrade: A Maemo Client to Trading/Auction Web Services 3 6
I. Bezyazychnyy, K. Krinkin, M. Zaslavskiy, S. Balandin, Y. Koucheryavy Geo2Tag Implementation for MAEMO 7 11
I. Buzyukova Simulation Model of the Intelligent Network's Node 12 15
T. Efimushkina, D. Moltchanov, Y. Koucheryavy Analysis of a WiMAX Cell with Two AMC Modes and Elastic Data Traffic 26 29
E. Gavrin The Software Simulator of a Parallel Computing System with Message Passing 37 40
Y. Gladisheva, V. Onossovski, K. Tumanova Mobile Services for Access to Remote Devices on the Basis of Ubiq Mobile Platform 41 48
D. Gorbunov SIP Bottleneck Analysis in IMS 49 53
L. Koblyakova, Yu. Sheynin, D. Raszhivin Real-Time Services in Networked Embedded Systems 64 67
L. Koblyakova, S. Andreeva Stability of the SpaceWire Network's Time-Code Mechanism to Various Failure Types 68 70
K. Nedovodeev Self-Adapting Software as a Means of Meeting the Multicore Programming Challenge 83 86
I. Mironov, D. Mokeev OpenCV Performance on MAEMO 92 95
V. Onossovski, A. Terekhov Modern Interactive Internet Services 105 107
S. Sereda Free and Open Source Software in Russia: Developer Risks Overview 108 112
S. Andreev, Y. Koucheryavy, A. Anisimov, P.Gonchukov, A. Turlikov Energy Efficiency Optimization for Future Wireless Broadband Networks 163 163
A.Anisimov, S. Andreev, A. Turlikov Energy-Efficient Sleep Mode Analysis and Optimization 164 164
S. Balandin, A. Reyss Virtual Telescope and Stars Guide Service for Mobile Device 165 165
B. Basilev, D. Ilina M-learning: Ontology Platform 166 166
D. Bespalov, B. Basilev, I. Mironov Location-based Services in Public Buildings: LIST for N900 167 167
V. Budkov, M. Prischepa Mobile Services for Control and Observation with Intelligent Interface 168 168
S. Epifanov, E. Tsvetkov, K. Ivashov, A. Kolosov, V.Dimitrov Kimi: A Personal Organizer in the Internet Event Space 169 169
A. Gallyamov, K. Stepanenko Natural Language Processing and Multimedia Content Ranking 170 170
P. Gonchukov, A. Turlikov System Level Simulator for proving Energy Efficiency algorithms 171 171
A. Hakkala, S. Virtanen Modern Cryptography Algorithms in the Embedded Environment 172 172
M. Hannikainen Experiences on the Development and Pilot Testing of Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks 173 173
M. Hannikainen Scientific Publishing Process: Writing and Presenting of High Quality Papers 174 174
K. Kulakov, A. Bogachev, A. Lomov, I. Burlak, S.Zakharov A Maemo Client for the VKontakte Social Network Service 175 176
D. Malichenko, H. Paloheimo Implementation of Energy Aware Queue Management Algorithm for Maemo 177 177
A.Y. Martinez Packages on Maemo/MeeGo 178 178
A. Sokolov Percentiles Calculation of the IP Packet Delay Distribution Function 179 179
N. Teslya, D. Savelyev, M. Krinkin Operational Time Predictor Implementation on Symbian Platform 180 180
A. Ukhanova Towards Encoder Power Consumption Comparison of Distributed Video Codec and H.264/AVC 181 181
A. Veselov, I. Grohotkov, M. Gilmutdinov Methods of Camera Noise Reduction for Digital Mobile Devices 182 182
P. Zubarev, K. Krinkin, N. Amelichev, D. Krestelev PMIPv6 Based 3GPP/WLAN Interworking MAEMO Support Challenges 183 183
P. Zubarev, K. Krinkin QtMobility - Qt API Extensions for Mobile Development 184 184