Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'34

Riga, Latvia, 15-17 November 2023
FRUCT Oy, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-65246-0-3
Sergey Balandin, Nadezda Kunicina, Tatiana Shatalova

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Aytac K., Korcak O. Enhancing IoT Products through Integrated AI Capabilities: Enabling Seamless AIoT Implementation 192 199
Bazhenov N., Rego G., Rybin E., Korzun D. Assessment of Operation Quality for Robotic Manipulator in Real-Time 200 203
Bazhenov N., Rybin E., Korzun D. Video Surveillance for Dangerous Situations in Public Spaces 204 209
Chen Q., Tao Y. A Look at Federated Learning Applications in Healthcare 210 221
Fadeev N., Schookin S., Medvedev O. Modeling of Production and Elimination of Hydrogen and Methane in the Human Body 222 231
Geyda A. Rethinking the Solow Paradox by the Means of Information Use Formalisms 232 237
Kathrein R., Zeilerbauer O., Larcher J., Doller M., Raich K. Concept for Anonymous Re-Identification 238 244
Kiourtis A., Mavrogiorgou A., Makridis G., Symvoulidis C., Mavrogiorgos K., Kyriazis D. A Practical Guide to Green Computing for Manufacturers, Businesses, and Individuals 245 251
Kondengar T., Barry M., Niang B., Ouya S. A Study of Throughput for USSD Services over IMS 252 257
Kotok V., Murzaev D., Korzun D. Digital Evaluation of Human Gait in Diagnostic Physical Exercises based on Virtual Reality 258 262
Popov O., Borisov A., Chernysheva T., Orlov K., Abramov V. Increasing the Accuracy of Signal Formation by Changing the Sampling Rate 263 269
Rozinek O., Borkovcova M. A Novel Approach to Regression: Exploring the Similarity Space with Ordinary Least Squares on Database Records 270 277
Smirnov K., Topchiy E., Ermakov V., Korzun D. Real-Time Evaluation of Hands Position at Sport Training Machine 278 281
Sneps-Sneppe M., Namiot D. Machine Learning - Could It Help in the RIGVIR Case? 282 289
Vybornaya V., Mitrofanova O. Neutralization of Evaluative Expressions Based on Dictionary Data and Distributional Models 290 296