Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'33

Zilina, Slovakia, 24-26 May 2023
FRUCT Oy, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-9-6
Sergey Balandin, Michal Kvet, Tatiana Shatalova

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Youtube Page start Page finish
Abdelrazik M.,Zekry A.,Mohamed W. Efficient Deep Learning Algorithm for Egyptian Sign Language Recognition 3 8
Balandin S. The Underground for Value Platform 9 14
Bridova I.,Moravcik M. A System Approach in a WiFi Network Design 15 20
Dudas A.,Modrovicova B. Decision Trees in Proper Edge k-coloring of Cubic Graphs 21 29
Espinal A.,Haralambous Y.,Bedart D.,Puentes J. A Format-sensitive BERT-based Approach to Resume Segmentation 30 37
Geyda A. Conceptual Modeling of Information Quality for System Actions 38 45
Gosu P., Tanguturu R., Aenugutala S., Cuncha T., Manjappa K. Decentralised Authentication Protocol for Devices & Users to Access Private Network Services Using Blockchain 46 53
Hamoud B.,Othman W., Shilov N., Kashevnik A. Contactless Oxygen Saturation Detection Based on Face Analisys: An Approach and Case Study 54 62
Harris C. Performance Evaluation of Ordering Services and Endorsement Policies in Hyperledger Fabric 63 69
Hraska M.,Papan J. Enhanced Derived Fast Reroute Techniques in SDN 70 76
Hrkut P.,Duracik M.,Toth S.,Mesko M. Current Trends in the Search for Similarities in Source Codes with an Application in the Field of Plagiarism and Clone Detection 77 84
Iancu B.,Morariu A.,Chen Y.,Wahlstrom I.,Tsvetkova A.,Lilius J. Data Sharing in RoPax Ports: Challenges and Opportunities 85 94
Ismaeva F., Tomin E., Sharifullina E. Comparison of Algorithms for Automatic Terminology Extraction on Material of Educational Texts on Biology 95 100
Ivanov D.,Zaslavskiy M. Review of Drone Swarms Usage for 3D Reconstruction 101 108
Ivanov S., Zudilova T., Ruban A., Anantchenko I., Ivanova L. An image classification method using hashing preprocessing 109 115
Jimenez O., Jesus A., Wong L. Model for the Prediction of Dropout in Higher Education in Peru applying Machine Learning Algorithms: Random Forest, Decision Tree, Neural Network and Support Vector Machine 116 124
Kashevnik A.,Ali A. Vehicle Offline Localization Based on Computer Vision: an Approach Based on Image Matching & Retrieval Algorithms and Implementation 125 131
Kassab K., Kashevnik A., Glekler E., Mayatin A. Human Sales Ability Estimation Based on Interview Video Analysis 132 138
Keller M., Doschl A., Mandl P. AMPEL: An Approach for Machine-learning Based Prediction and Evaluation of the Learned Success of Social Media Posts 139 147
Kosterin M.,Paramonov I.,Lagutina N. Automatic Irony and Sarcasm Detection in Russian Sentences: Baseline Methods 148 154
Kvet Mar., Janacek J. Hyperheuristics for Determination of Non-dominated Set of Public Service System Designs 155 160
Kvet Mic. Identifying and Treating NULL Values in the Oracle Database Performance Case Study 161 168
Levshun D.,Chechulin A. Vulnerability Categorization for Fast Multistep Attack Modelling 169 175
Lyu P., Wei M., Wu Y. Transformer-Based Dual-Modal Visual Target Tracking Using Visible Light and Thermal Infrared 176 184
Mahmoud J., Penkovskiy A. Dynamic Environments and Robust SLAM: Optimizing Sensor Fusion and Semantics for Wheeled Robots 185 191
Mazin V., Nezhivleva K., Cree M., Streeter L., Mozhaeva A. Research and Application of the Adaptive Model of the Human Visual System for Improving the Effectiveness of Objective Video Quality Metrics 192 197
Niemi A., Nayani V., Moustafa M., Ekberg J. Platform Attestation in Consumer Devices 198 209
Piatrikova L.,Tarabek P.,Cimrak I. Digital Verification of Optically Variable Ink Feature on Identity Cards 210 218
Popov O., Chernysheva T., Borisov A.,Sapronov P.,Orlov K. Changing The Properties Of The Audio Broadcast Signal In Adaptive Transmission Channels 219 225
Potocar M., Kvet Mic. Comparison of Unigram, HMM, CRF and Brill's Part-of-Speech Taggers Available in NLTK Library 226 235
Rafaj T., Mastilak L.,Kostal K., Kotuliak I. DeFi Gaming Platform Using the Layer 2 Benefits 236 242
Sherstinova T., Moskvina A., Kirina M., Karysheva A., Kolpashchikova E., Maksimenko P., Seinova A., Rodionov R. Sentiment Analysis of Literary Texts vs. Reader's Emotional Responses 243 249
Shushkevich E., Cardiff J., Boldyreva A. Detection of Truthful, Semi-Truthful, False and Other News with Arbitrary Topics Using BERT-Based Models 250 256
Skula I., Kvet Mic. Domain Blacklist Efficacy for Phishing Web-page Detection Over an Extended Time Period 257 263
Smirnov A., Chizhov A., Shchuckin I., Bobrov N., Chernishev G. Fast Discovery of Inclusion Dependencies with Desbordante 264 275
Smolen T., Benova L. Comparing Autoencoder and Isolation Forest in Network Anomaly Detection 276 282
Sneps-Sneppe M., Namiot D. On Open Gateway from GSMA Is It a Revolutionary or Too Little and Too Late Deal? 283 289
Stoyanova R., Kolev D., Todorova V. Influence of the Output Circuits in Piezoelectric Vibrational Harvesters 290 295
Stoynov V. A Novel Emotion-Aware Networking Model for Enhanced User Experience in 5G networks 296 308
Voloshina T., Makhnytkina O. Multimodal Emotion Recognition and Sentiment Analysis Using Masked Attention and Multimodal Interaction 309 317
Yevdokimov D.,Gorikhovskii V. Recognition of Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis 318 324