Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'33

Zilina, Slovakia, 24-26 May 2023
FRUCT Oy, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-9-6
Sergey Balandin, Michal Kvet, Tatiana Shatalova

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Youtube Page start Page finish
Klammsteiner M., Doller M., Golec P., Kohlegger M., Mayr S., Rashid E. Vision Based Stationary Railway Track Monitoring System 325 330
Aliev M., Muravyov S. Recommending Machine Learning Pipelines Based on Cumulative Metadata 331 334
AlNomay I., Alqwaiz I. Stand Alone and Clustered Base Stations Approaches for AI Based Congestion Prediction on ORAN RIC Layer 335 341
Bazhenov N., Rybin E., Zavyalov S., Korzun D. Evaluation of the Human Use for Sports Training Equipment based on Multicamera Video Surveillance 342 345
Chernikov A., Litvinov Y., Smirnov Kir., Chernishev G. FastGFDs: Efficient Validation of Graph Functional Dependencies with Desbordante 346 352
Fedorchenko L., Geida A. Some Methods of Applying Attributes for the Definition of Static Semantics 353 358
Grusha G., Nikhil M., Dharan D., Krinkin K., Shichkina Y., Nagabhushana T. Enhancing Eye Emotion Recognition with the Haar Classifier Using Co-Evolutionary Hybrid Intelligence 359 363
Kulikov V., Neychev R. A Brief Overview of Few-Shot Prompting in the Large Language Models 364 370
Lopes I., Rocha T., Liberal M., Sousa F., Moreira M., Mauricio P. SmartHealth: a Service-based Platform for Information Integration and Clinical Evaluation Support 371 374
Martsinkevich V., Tereshchenko V., Larionova G., Berezhkov A., Kobets E., Nasyrov N., Gorlushkina N. Web Tool for Automated Document Formatting Verification 375 381
Pavlov M., Marakhtanov A., Korzun D. Detection of Key Points for a Rainbow Trout in Underwater Video Surveillance System 382 385
Slobodkin E., Sadovnikov A. Towards a Dataset of Programming Contest Plagiarism in Java 386 390
Smirnov Kon., Topchiy E., Ermakov V., Korzun D. A Mobile Application for Assessing the Strength Exercises on Sports Training Equipment 391 394
Sorokumov S., Glazunov S., Chaika K. Distributed Visual-Based Ground Truth System For Mobile Robotics 395 398
Tsarev N., Perminov V., Tsvirko T. Estimation of Mass Characteristics for a Rainbow Trout Based on Individual Linear Sizes in Underwater Video Surveillance System 399 402
Tsvirko T., Marahtanov A., Pavlov M., Tsarev N. Assessment of Motion Activity for a Rainbow Trout Flock in Underwater Video Surveillance System 403 406
Zillova Z., Malina E., Kvet Mar. Information System for Crime Monitoring in Europe 407 414
Anjan S., Rao E., Nagabhushan T.,Krinkin K., Schichkina Y. Enhancing Human-Computer Interaction through Emotion Recognition in Real-Life Speech 415 417
Berlenko T., Filatov A. Enhancing Robustness and Accuracy of 3D SLAM Algorithm Using Dempster-Shafer Theory 418 420
Kashevnik A., Alekseeva E., Haleev M., Kitenko A., Ali A., Samochernikh K., Kukanov K.,Ivanov A., Petrov A. Chronical Subdural Hematoma Segmentation Based on Computed Tomography Images Analysis 421 421
Kassab K., Kashevnik A. DEMO: Human Sales Ability Estimation Service Based on Interview Video Analysis 422 422
Lifar M.,Guda A. Optimal Dynamic Regime for CO Oxidation Reaction discovered by Policy-Gradient Reinforcement Learning Algorithm 423 423