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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'23

Proceedings of the 23rd Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
13-16 November 2018, Bologna, Italy, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-6-2
Sergey Balandin, Tullio Salmon Cinotti, Fabio Viola and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Bragalli C., Zingali L., Domeneghetti A., Brath A. Control Methods in Automated Gravity Irrigation Systems: a review 443 446
Favory X., Fonseca E., Font F., Serra X. Facilitating the Manual Annotation of Sounds When Using Large Taxonomies 447 451
Geyda A. Estimation of Operational Properties of Information Technology Usage and Dynamic Capabilities Indicators 452 458
Gordeev D., Rey A., Shagarov D. Unsupervised Cross-lingual Matching of Product Classifications 459 464
Kaur G., Pandey P. Emotion Recognition System using IOT and Machine Learning - A Healthcare Application 465 470
Kilimnik V., Merkova M., Rabin A. Implantable Biotelemetry System with Extended Functional Capabilities 471 476
Kramar V. Smart Living Personal and Service Drones 477 482
Kramar V., Maatta H. UAV Arctic Challenges and the First Step: Temperature Sensor 483 490
Kukaev A., Safronov D., Sheroshenko V. Production of Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator Using Laser Ablation Method and Its Finite Element Modeling 491 496
Lecca P., Bertini M., Vicentini R., Pintani E., Ciro D.., Esposito V., Kleinfelder K., Sorio C., Melotti P. Multilinear Regression Analysis of Sweat Secretion Volumes in Cystic Fibrosis Patients 497 504
Lefaivre A., Zhang J. Characterizing and Classifying Music Subgenres 505 509
Perl I., Penskoi A. Automated Modelization of Dynamic Systems 510 516
Petrov M., Kashevnik A. Expert Group Formation for Task Performing: Competence-Based Method and Implementation 517 522
Rogozov Y., Sviridov A., Belikov A., Belikova S., Shevchenko O., Borisova E. Methodological Framework for the Information Systems Design Based on the Knowledge Forms Origin Means 523 526
Safavi S., Wang W., Plumbley M., JanalizadehChoobbasti J., Fazekas G. Predicting the Perceived Level of Reverberation using Features from Nonlinear Auditory Model 527 531
Shevchenko S., Khivrich M., Kukaev A. Sensitive Element of Microaccelerometer on Surface Acoustic Waves for Measuremant of Superhigh Accelerations 532 537
Shi Z., Lin H., Liu L., Liu R., Hayakawa S., Han J. Deep Clustering With Constant Q Transform For Multi-Talker Single Channel Speech Separation 538 542
Sulaj P., Haluska R., Ovsenik L., Marchevsky S., Kramar V. Examples of Real-Time UAV Data Processing with Cloud Computing 543 548
Syafiq S., Rahman A., Salleh M., Mohamad F., Daud M., Rosli M. Comparison on Scorecard and Dashboard in Smart Water Monitoring Application 549 555
Tashtoush Y., Alsmadi A., Al-Abdi A., Ababneh N., Almousa O. An Analysis of Android Web App Manifest 556 559
Bazhenov N., Korzun D. A Mobile Application for Presence Detection based on Face Recognition 560 560
Cho K., Kwon H. Case Study of Drone Related Ideas from IDEAMARU 561 563
Kohlemainen K., Castaldi P., Menghini M., Fuentes A., Taumberger M., Toscano A., Salmon Cinotti T., Soininen J. Drones in Precision Irrigation Applications 564 565
Mikhailov S. Smartphone Application for Tourist Assistance Based on OpenStreetMaps Data 566 567
Popova S., Skitalinskaya G. Car Forums: a new Russian Language Dataset Annotated with Keyphrases 568 570
Shchekotov M. Semi-Automatic Self-Calibrating Indoor Localization Android-based Mobile Application 571 571
Torre-Neto A., Ferreira E., Bassoi L., Visoli M., Kamienski C., Schmidt J., Cotrim J., Salmon Cinotti T., Liakos V., Vellidis G. SWAMP-UGA Multi-Parameter and Multi-Depth Soil Probe 572 574
Yatskovskiy M. Smartphone Base Personal Health Monitoring In Inaccessible Areas 575 576
Aguzzi S., Roffia L. SPARQL Update Processing: Extracting Inserted and Deleted Quads 577 581
Verardi M., Aguzzi C., Roffia L. SEPA View: a Web Application to Visualize Real-Time and Historical Linked Sensor data 582 584