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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'19

Proceedings of the 19th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
7-11 November 2016, Jyvaskyla, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68397-5-2
Sergey Balandin and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Andreev A., Garayzuev D., Kolchin M., Chursin N., Shilin I. One Remote Control to Command Them all! Building a Hypermedia API for ESP8266-Based Devices 287 293
Avdonin I., Budko M., Budko M., Grozov V., Guirik A. A Method of Securing Data Transferred between Unmanned Aircraft System and Ground Control Station Based on One-Time Pads 294 298
Bezzateev S., Voloshina N., Zhidanov K. Advanced IoT Solution for Smart City Eco-Monitoring System 299 304
Burov M., Sergeev A. Real-Time Stitching of Panoramic Video on Intel Edison IoT Platform 305 306
Busarov V., Grafeeva N. The Solution of the Profiling Problem Based on Data Analysis 307 312
Firsova A., Korzun D. Smartphone-Based Microphone: A Multi-User Service for Collaborative Work 313 314
Kaurova E., Kaurov I., Lazdin A. Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem During the Development of ATM Cash Service Planning System 315 320
Khryashchev V., Pavlov V., Priorov A., Kosterin I. Improving the Face Gender Classification by the Set of Features 321 325
Kirichek R., Vladyko A., Paramonov A., Borisov E. Self-Organizing Communication Network of Multi-Agent Robotic Systems 326 331
Kovriguina L., Shipilo A., Sinelshchikova E. Unsupervised PCFG Inference from Russian Corpus of Phone Conversations 332 337
Kuusniemi H., Eskelinen L., Korpisaari P., Leppakoski H. INSURE Information Security of Location Estimation and Navigation Applications 338 338
Lebedev N. Event-Driven Design Approach to the QML Wrapper for SmartSlog Tool 339 342
Marchenkov S., Vdovenko A., Borodulin A., Korzun D. SmartRoom Demo: Guide for FRUCT19 Conference Participants 343 344
Meeloon M., Nugoolcharoenlap E., Akkarathalin P. UWB Bandpass Filter with Improved Rejection Band Performance Using Defected Ground Structure and Slotted Step Impedance Resonator 345 350
Muhammad H., Yahiya T., Kirci P., Yiltas-Kaplan D. QoS Performance Analysis of Some Routing Protocols in MANET 351 357
Mulyukin A., Kossovich T., Perl I. Effective Execution of Systems Dynamics Models 358 364
Okuneva D., Buziukov L. Impact of Node Placement on the Connectivity of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 365 369
Rybalkin S., Sergeev A. Russian Wireless and Mobile Jammers: Efficiency Comparison 370 374
Sedov B., Pakharev S. Applying Technology of Rapid Development of Low-Cost Indoor-Services for Various Use-Cases 375 375
Sedov B., Pakharev S. Technology of Development of the Low-Cost Indoor-Navigation Services 376 380
Shchekotov M. Android-Based Application of Automatic Calibration for Log-Normal Path Loss Model 381 381
Spanderashvili D., Morozov A., Mamleeva A., Gudyrin S., Tarasov D. Decentralized Field Service Automation Using Adeptik Platform 382 385
Stepanov A., Leutin E. Mobile Platform Electrocardiogram Wavelet Analysis with Sailfish OS Operating System 386 388
Tarasov D., Ushanov A., Spanderashvili D., Borodin V. Management of Information Model of the Telecommunications Network Under Cyclic Life Cycle 389 390
Teslya N. Open Karelia System Integration for Tourist Assistant - TAIS 391 391
Yatskovskiy M. Psychophysiological Health Monitoring 392 392
Zabrovskiy A., Petrov E., Kuzmin E, Fomichev M., Sokolova N. A Prototype of Mininet-Based System EmStream for Emulation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP 393 396
Zavyalova Y., Vasilyev A., Lebedev N., Orlov K., Shevcova K., Fokin V. An Integrated Demo of the Digital Assistance Services in Emergency Situations Based on Smart-M3 Technology 397 398