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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'13

Proceedings of the 13th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT and 2nd Seminar on e-Tourism for Karelia and Oulu Region
22-26 April 2013, Petrozavodsk, Russia, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0659-7
Sergey Balandin and Ulia Trifonova

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Trifonova U. Rules of Design Articles for Publishing in Proceedings of FRUCT Conferences 177 182
Andreeva E., Zhidanov K. Random Number Generator Based on Biometric Approach. Testing the Cryptographic Strength 183 183
Balandin S., Laizane S. e-Tourism: The Role of ICT in Tourism Industry 184 185
Borodin A., Pogorelov A., Zavyalova Y. CardiaCare. Mobile System for Arrhythmia Detection 186 186
Galkin M., Parkhimovich O., Mouromtsev D. Development of Open Data System for Budget of Saint Petersburg 187 188
Galov I., Korzun D. Presence Detection of Mobile Participants in Smart Room Environments 189 189
Jappinen P. Taking Privacy Laws into Account in Service Development 190 190
Kashevnik A. Intelligent Tourist Guiding Service for e-Tourism Application 191 191
Kharitonova S., Tigushkin A. Tourism in Russian Karelia 192 192
Kirkizh V., Komar M., Alexandrov K., Petrov V. Wireless Authentication for the Web Services 193 193
Kolchin M., Zamula D. Food Ontology: Ontology for Describing Food Products 194 196
Laure D., Yusufov M. Explain the Word Game for LG Smart TV 197 197
Lesnova O., Kalishenko E. NS-3 Performance Analysis and Development of Effective Load Balancing Algorithms 198 201
Lomov A. Development of Cross-Platform Smart-M3 Knowledge Processors using SmartSlog SDK 202 202
Lukovnikova A., Bogoyavlenskaya O. Test Generator System for Adaptive Preliminary Control 203 203
Makarov V. Russian Software Industry - New Trends and Challenges 204 204
Medvedev O. Revolution in Medicine, That is not Noticed by Medicine Yet 205 205
Novykov K., Zakharchuk A., Sayenko V. On Playing Encoded Media Adverts Radio-like by Using Spring Web Services 206 209
Popov S., Mouromtsev D. Development of a Distributed Semantic Platform for Internet of Things and Internet of Devices 210 211
Ryabikov E., Zaslavskiy M., Krinkin K. Linux Shared Library Profiler Implementation 212 212
Shchekotov M. Tourist Attraction Information Service (TAIS) 213 213
Stepanov K. Pulse Recognition by Video Project Development 214 217
Teslya N. Intelligent Ridesharing Service for e-Tourism Application 218 218
Timonin A., Kalinin A., Troshkov A., Kulakov K. Firepoint: Porting Application to Mobile Platforms 219 224
Timofeev I., Paramonov I., Vasilev A. Implementation Aspects of Agent Substitution Mechanism in RedSib 225 225
Timofeev I., Laure D. Agent Substitution Mechanism Demonstration: Indoor Light Level Control System 226 226
Usechenko R., Sayenko V. Mobile Notifications for Computer Network Administration 227 229
Vdovenko A., Marchenkov S., Kataev A., Kovyrshin P., Korzun D. Mobile Clients for Smart Room 230 230
Yatskovskiy M. Bluetooth 4.0 for Biosensors 231 231
Yudenok K. Smart Space Clients Authorization Based on Smart-M3 Platform 232 232
Zharinov R., Trifonova U., Kodyakov A., Karmaleev O. Module of Text Information Analyze in the Personified System for Information Filtering 233 239
Zharinov R., Trifonova U., Kodyakov A., Karmaleev O. Approaches to the Detection of Inappropriate Content in Images in the Personified System for Information Filtering 240 243
Zharinov R., Trifonova U., Gorin A. Using RFID Techniques for a Universal Identification Device 244 248