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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'10

Proceedings of the 10th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
7-11 November 2011, Tampere, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0659-7
Sergey Balandin and Andrey Ovchinnikov

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Balandin Sergey, Dashkova Ekaterina, Kucheryavy Yevgeni FRUCT: EU-Russia Cooperation in the Open Innovations Format 3 9
Amelichev Nickolay, Krinkin Kirill, Prakash S.P.S., Nagabhushan TN Signal Strength-Based Approach for 3G/WLAN Handover on Nokia N900 Devices 10 15
Bazanov Peter, Toni Jarvenpaa Gaze Estimation for Near-Eye Display Based on Fusion of Starburst Algorithm and FERN Natural Features 16 23
Bryksin Timofey, Litvinov Yuri, Onossovski Valentin, Terekhov Andrey Ubiq Mobile + QReal a Technology for Development of Distributed Mobile Services 27 35
Fu Junsheng, Belyaev Evgeny, Egiazarian Karen Rate-Distortion Oriented Joint Video Pre-filtering and Compression 46 53
Galov Ivan, Korzun Dmitry Compositions of Personal Smart Spaces in Multi-Blogging 54 58
Hurnanen Tero, Tissari Jari, Poikonen Jussi, Paavola Jarkko Applications for Distributed Beamforming 59 66
Khramenkova Ksenia, Hermant Olivier, Pawlak Renaud Simulator of a 'Weather' Cloud 70 75
Lomov Aleksandr, Korzun Dmitry Subscription Operation in Smart-M3 83 94
Nagabhushan TN, Prakash S.P.S., Chande Suresh Development of Kannada Keyboard Interface and Crop Management on Nokia N900 Device 95 104
Paavola Jarkko Operational Challenges for Emerging Cognitive Radio Technologies - Wireless Devices Utilizing TV White Spaces 105 111
Petrov Vitaly, Minchenkov Victor, Bogatyrev Stanislav The Security Aspects of the Cirrostratus Private Cloud Storage 112 121
Petrov Vitaly, Dashkova Ekaterina, Kirkizh Valery Distributed Social Network Services for the FRUCT Community 122 126
Stankevich Evgeny, Paramonov Ilya Using Bluetooth on Android Platform for mHealth Development 140 145
Syschikov Alexey, Sedov Boris Methods and Tools for System on Chip Retargetable Parallel Programming 146 150
Vasilev, Andrey Kandaurov Oleg, Mamedov Eldar, Paramonov Ilya Interaction of HiveMind Application with Smart Conference System 151 156
Zaiceva Diana, Korzun Dmitry A Tag-Based Blog Recommendation System for Smart-M3 Multi-Blogging 163 169
Kirkizh Valery, Linsky Evgeny The Cross-Platform Implementation of Game Draughts 201 207
Ovseenko Anton, Petrov Vitaly A Message Encryption System Architecture for MeeGo Mobile OS 209 213