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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'10

Proceedings of the 10th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
7-11 November 2011, Tampere, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-5-8088-0659-7
Sergey Balandin and Andrey Ovchinnikov

Issue 2 (Works in Progress)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Brusakova Irina, Kossukhina Maria A Review of Approaches in Modeling, Adaptive Business Process 24 26
Deart Vladimir, Kozhuhov Ivan Influence of Browser Type on HTTP Traffic Parameters 36 39
Dorokhova Regina, Agarwal Suraj Health Monitoring Network Project - Design and First Steps of Implementation 40 45
Kachur Oleksandr, Vladimir Sayenko Overview of Possible Architectural Solutions for MeeGo Cloud Player 67 69
Laure Denis, Krupin Yury, Abdulloev Alexander, Paramonov Ilya, Vasilev Andrey Synchronization with External Task Systems in Octotask Application 76 82
Polishchuk Ekaterina Recognition of Panorama Parts Using OpenCV 127 130
Sedov Boris, Syschikov Alexey, Ivanova Vera Integrated Development Environment for Visual Parallel Programming 131 135
Smirnov Pavel, Katkov Yuri, Pochinok Irina, Mouromtsev Dmitry Presentations Management System 136 139
Yudenok Kirill Porting Smart-M3 Platform to MeeGo Operation System 157 162
Dashkova Ekaterina, Gurtov Andrei Overview of Congestion Control Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks 173 174
Jappinen Pekka Privacy and Security in Independent Living Assistance Platform for Old Adults 175 175
Kadirov Rustam, Korzun Dmitry SmartScribo Blog Processor for Multi-Blogging in Smart Spaces 176 177
Kashevnik Alexey, Korzun Dmitry Galov, Ivan Smart Conference Services at 10th FRUCT Conference 178 179
Medvedev Oleg, Yatskovskiy Maxim Mobile Monitoring of Vital Parameters: Aims, Instruments and Current State of Implementation of mHealth Projects Worldwide and in Russia 180 182
Papp Laszlo Gaming Freedom 183 183
Paramonov Ilya, Vasilev Andrey Pecha Kucha Support for Smart Conference System 184 184
Petrov Vitaly, Andreev Sergey A Test Bench Development for 802.11 Standard Models Verification 185 185
Petrov Dmitry, Aho Kari From Science to R&D Business 186 186
Saracco Roberto The Future of Telecommunications: a Look at the Technology Evolution that will Shape the Telecom Bi in the Last Part of this Decade 187 187
Vdovenko Andrey, Polyakov Stepan, Galov Ivan, Korzun Dmitry SmartScribo Blog Client for Windows-based Mobile Devices 188 189
Yrvin Knut Qt Contributions in Many Shapes and Forms 190 192
Bezyazychnyy Ivan, Krinkin Michael, Yuranov Dmitry, Zubarev Pavel, Vereshchagin Alexander, Krinkin Kirill IEEE 802.11s Power Save Modes Support Implementation for Linux 193 200
Kulakov Kirill, Kirpichenok Konstantin, Zaharov Sergey, Samoryadova Anna, Shiryaev Pavel MySocials: Cross Platform Client for Social Networks 208 208