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Research projects

Any representative of the full-member organization can propose a new subject for R&D project. The main idea is that every FRUCT project should involve representatives from two or more member organizations. In the simplest case the project has the work group consisting of students and PhD students from one university, which are supervised by the local professor and industrial tutor. In the more advanced cases the team might consist of the students from a number of FRUCT universities, some industrial experts can also directly participate in the research team and more than one supervisor and tutor from different universities and companies can steer the team.

One of the key ideas behind such organization of the projects is to lower the commitment threshold that is needed for entering into the cooperation. In most cases, before entering into a serious cooperation it would be comfortable for the involved parties to get know each other without strong commitment. The FRUCT projects provide such a framework and give the additional time and required knowledge for fine tuning of the cooperation proposals. As a result the proposal can be presented in a form and under conditions which are most favorable for setting the full-scale cooperation.

Another idea is to promote project-based training that should help young specialist to be more creative and to understand how to balance high-risk research with real contribution to the concrete outcome. The eventual result of the project are not only particular deliverables like novel algorithms, signal structures, architectural solutions, etc., but what is even more important is creation of the "competence incubation" infrastructure and a set of well-prepared teams capable of continuing challenging research and design work on their own.

The new FRUCT projects can be initiated by a professor, industry expert or by student. Of course, depending on the initiating party there are some differences in the procedure: when a professor initiates a project, he/she takes an obligation to be a supervisor of the project team, when the project proposal comes from the industry expert, the expert should takes obligation to be team’s tutor, and when a student comes with idea of a new project he/she should ask for a supervisor and tutor from the FRUCT board. So a new FRUCT project can be created using one of the following two scenarios:

  • "from top to bottom" scenario, when some challenging problem is defined by the industrial or academic experts involved in the program (the problem definition usually comes from a trusted expert, which guarantees that the problem is interesting and challenging);
  • "from bottom to top" scenario, when a student (or a team) comes up with the problem proposal, which is then evaluated by the FRUCT experts. If the problem looks reasonable and challenging, the FRUCT committee could accept the project proposal and help to find the supervisor and tutor.

The main expected project deliverable is an article in a good journal or conference. However depending on the project scope some other deliverables are also possible and appreciated.

If you would like to submit a project for the FRUCT program you will need to complete the project proposal form and send it to with subject "New project proposal".

List of current research projects

E.g., 04.10
Mobile Linux, OSS and Maemo/MeeGo Systems
Scribo: Multi-Blog Client for Maemo/MeeGo Platform 01.09.10 Graduate
HiveMind — cross-platform collaborative mind map editor 29.02.12 Graduate
Location-based services in public buildings: LIST for N900 05.11.10 Graduate
OpenCV Performance on MAEMO 30.04.10 Graduate
Testing framework for OpenSSL on Maemo/Meego 31.01.11 Graduate
SketchIt - Simple Vector Scheme Editor for Mobile Devices with Touch Screen 29.04.11 Graduate
Octotask - Multi-source task collector and manager 01.06.12 Graduate
A Maemo Mobile Trade Client for Business Systems 01.11.09 Graduate
Open Source Linux Lab (OSLL) website 30.10.09 Graduate
Open-source implementation of 802.11s (open80211s) on Nokia N810 internet tablet 31.10.09 Graduate
Maemo Endurance Testing 27.04.09 Graduate
Infrastructureless p2p network for Maemo 08.11.10 Graduate
MySocials: A Client for Social Network Services 01.03.12 Graduate
WebDAV implementation for MAEMO 30.04.09 Graduate
WLAN 802.11s mesh network investigation 30.04.10 Graduate
Debug tools for Maemo (Fremantle) 09.11.09 Graduate
Liquid: funny graphic editor 01.11.10 Graduate
Maemo Share Plugin for social network VKontakte 12.11.10 Graduate
Qt Messaging Framework plugins for social network services 12.11.10 Graduate
Porting WidSets to the Maemo Platform 09.11.09 On hold
Internet of Things and Smart Spaces
SmartSlog: An ANSI C Code Generator for the M3 Platform 31.12.09 Graduate
Audio-visual support system for Mobile E-meeting Participant 01.09.11 Graduate
Extensions for Smart Conference System 30.04.10 Graduate
Integration Smart conference and live journal 30.04.11 Graduate
Smart Conference Clients for Symbian and Android 30.04.12 Graduate
Pecha Kucha for Smart Conference 30.04.12 Graduate
Geo2Tag LBS Platform 24.04.15 Active
System analysing pedestrian movement in city environment 30.04.10 On hold
Virtual telescope on mobile device 30.04.10 Graduate
Building a Model of a Smart City 31.12.10 On hold
SmartConference System 22.04.13 Graduate
M3-Weather: A Smart-M3 Forecast Widget for Mobile Users 31.10.10 Graduate
SmartSlog: A Smart-M3 Multilingual Ontology Library Generator 28.12.12 Graduate
SmartScribo: A Blogging Application for Smart Spaces 01.08.12 Graduate
SmartRoom 31.12.14 Active
Tourist Attraction Information Service 31.12.14 Active
Power consumption estimation for H.264/AVC and DVC for wireless networks 29.04.11 Graduate
Recognition of panorama parts using OpenCV 30.04.11 Graduate
Poster presentations management system 11.11.11 Graduate
Graphical-based user authentication schemes for mobile devices 11.11.11 Graduate
Mobile Video Processing 29.04.11 Graduate
End-to-End Delay Estimations in IP networks 30.10.09 Graduate
Protection against unapproved copying 30.04.10 Graduate
Increasing the information capacity of digital images in telecommunication systems 29.10.10 Graduate
Security Analysis of Provisioning Protocol Used in On-board Credentials Platform 30.10.09 Graduate
Distributed Objects Allocation/Retrieval System for Heterogeneous P2P Network 05.11.08 Graduate
Energy Aware Early Detection 30.10.09 Graduate
Speech synthesis for human-computer interaction 07.09.12 On hold
FRUCT Social Network 24.04.15 Active
Sudoku 30.09.13 Graduate
Lightweight Authentication for Heterogeneous Information Systems 10.01.16 Active
Mobile Healthcare
MobySmartSport 11.11.11 On hold
ECG Compression Library for Long-Term Monitoring of Heart Function in Mobile HealthCare Systems 24.04.15 Active
Telemedical Monitoring for Android 31.12.12 Graduate
SmartDiet - personal diet planner 05.11.12 Graduate
Accelerometer-based gait analysis using mobile phones 30.06.13 Graduate
Heart Rate Measuring Using Mobile Phone`s Camera 11.11.13 Graduate
The Cross-platform Application for Arrhythmia Detection 24.04.15 Active
Information security of healthcare systems, using biometric approach 31.01.14 Graduate
Smart TV Medicine Tracker 31.10.14 Active
Healthy restaurant (healthy choice) 30.06.15 Active
Network technologies and air Interface
Seamless WLAN off-load of 3GPP 30.04.12 Graduate
SVG Player 30.04.11 Graduate
Design and implementation of 3GPP MAC layer prominent features in OPNET 01.10.12 Graduate
Load balancing in mesh-networks based on process mining algorithms 31.05.13 Graduate
System level simulator for hybrid broadcast/cellular networks 30.10.08 Graduate
Adaptive error correction scheme for chirp spread spectrum wireless link 30.10.07 On hold
Coding in 4G 30.10.07 On hold
Diversity Reception in Microwave Links 30.10.09 On hold
Resource allocation procedure in IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) standard 30.10.09 Graduate
Speech coding in wireless packet switched network 30.04.09 On hold
WiFi throughput research during the wireless video transmission 30.04.09 Graduate
Embedded Networks
UniPro Power Estimation Model 02.11.09 Graduate
Verified communication modelling of embedded systems in SystemC 27.04.09 Graduate
Security in Embedded Networks 30.04.11 Graduate
SystemC and SDL co-modelling 31.12.18 Active
Mobile device oriented projects
Adaptive power saving on receiver side in DVB-H system based on progressive video codecs 30.04.09 Graduate
Aggregation protocols evolution analysis 30.10.09 Graduate
Expert control system convenience UI 05.11.10 Graduate
Mobile multimedia broadcasting technologies 30.04.09 Graduate
Personal Organizer in the Internet event space 30.04.10 Graduate
Safety on Roads and Car-Centric Mobile Services 30.04.10 Graduate
Self-Organized File System For Mobile Devices 30.04.09 On hold
Syncopa: a better phonebook experience 08.11.10 On hold
Analysis of WidSets platform opportunities at Russian market 30.04.08 Graduate
Laboratory of video transmission over 3G/4G networks 30.10.09 On hold
Software licensing in mobile industry 30.04.10 On hold
TicksInfo Application: Information Guide on Ticks and Diseases They Transmit 31.12.12 Graduate
Ridesharing Service 30.04.14 Graduate
Virtual road signs service 02.11.15 Active