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10th FRUCT Conference: Accommodation

FRUCT is currently negotiating accommodation discounts with hotels in Tampere. If you are interested to get accommodation based on FRUCT price you have to mention it in your conference registration form and the organizing committee will contact you approximately one month before the conference. Please note that FRUCT accepts accommodation requests that comes not later than 2 weeks prior to the conference.

Available options:

For FRUCT conference we have reserved:

1) Hotel Hermica:

  • 6 single rooms - price 59 EUR (hansel price);
  • 3 double rooms - price 76 EUR (please mention Hansel price)

If you are interested to take one of these rooms please send us email ASAP to info<at> This booking will be cancel on October 28, so after this date you will have to make hotel reservation on your own.

2) Hotel Cumulus (Hämeenpuisto 47)

  • 30 rooms, price 90 EUR single, 120 EUR double (most of the rooms in Cumulus Hämeenpuisto are doubles), sauna and breakfast are included in that price.

This booking will end on 20.10.2011.