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Smart Conference Clients for Symbian and Android

Background and Motivation: 

Smart Conference System is a system, which aim is to intelligently assist resolving the complicated routines of a conference by automating the work of conference organizers and providing useful services to the conference participants. In order to participate in Smart Conference every speaker or visitor uses a client application. With the use of this application participants can browse current schedule of the section, current slide of the talk being presented, detailed information about talks, participant interests and many more.
There are two clients available now: native client and web-based client. The native client application supports only N810 tablet and N900 smartphone devices. Although the web-based client makes Smart Conference potentially accessible from arbitrary platform, it is obvious that having native clients for concrete platforms may provide additional effect for their users, including native look-and-feel, reduced data exchange rate and up-to-date information available without the need for additional actions, such as page refreshing.

Project Summary: 

The project is intended to development of Smart Conference clients for Symbian and Android platforms.
Main features of the clients would be the following:

  • Edit contents of presentation and user profiles
  • View current schedule
  • View presentation slides
  • View talk descriptions
  • View participants' profiles
  • Control the presentation as a presenter (slide change, video playback etc).
Project goals and future research directions: 
<p>The goal of the project is to develop Smart Conference clients for Symbian and Android platforms. The development will be in C++/Qt Quick, interaction with the smart space will be implemented with the use of SmartSlog library.</p>
List of team members and their organizations: 

June 2011: Specification of the client for Symbian.
July-September 2011: Design and development of the Symbian client.
November 2011: Demo at FRUCT 10 conference including Symbian client. Preview of the Android client (if available).
November 2011-February 2012: Improvements of Symbian client (based on information gathered at FRUCT 10).
January 2012-April 2012: Porting of the client to Android (with the use of Necessitas project).
April 2012. Final report at FRUCT 11 conference.

Final deadline: 
Monday, April 30, 2012 (All day)