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16.04.2013: Hexagon crypto

16.04.2013 13:15–14:00

Guest lecture

C222, Exactum


Qualcomm's Snapdragon System on Chip (SoC) integrates many microprocessors with varying degrees of use case specific optimization. At one end of the spectrum lies Qualcomm's Krait application processor, a general-purpose CPU handling operating system tasks such as Android applications. At the other end lies Qualcomm's Hexagon Digital Signal Processor (DSP) designed to allow multimedia and communication applications to leverage multiple levels of parallelism. This talk gives an introduction to the Hexagon architecture and a case study on designing cryptographic software to utilize its features.


About the speaker:

Billy Brumley is an engineer at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in San Diego, California. He holds a D.Sc. in Technology from Aalto University (2012). He specializes in cryptography engineering and side-channel analysis.