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Cultural Route for the First Weekend of 2018

Several new exhibitions, Three Kings celebration and other cultural events are on the menu for this weekend in Kaunas, Kaunas Full of Culture informs.

Although it is possible that the weather in the weekend will be suitable for the short walk outside, exhibitions are always good escape from the inevitable rain spells. Not only they provide shelter from dampness and cold, but also inspire by introducing new ideas and experiences.

Three new exhibitions are opening already on Friday – choose one or two, or travel from place to place. At 4pm in Kaunas House of Culture Tautos Namai, the photographic exhibition “Special Beauty”, which is a part of international social project aiming to raise awareness towards people with disabilities, is opening. At 5pm, the new pub BO2, located almost next door to Tautos Namai is opening their first photographic exhibition on interpretations of sculpture. The exhibition features 12 authors; those present in the opening will be ready to talk more about their works. At 6pm the old town gallery Ars et Mundus is inviting to yet another photo exhibition “Life Contrasts” featuring works of two exceptional artists.

Already miss Christmas? On Sunday 11am Kaunas Photography Gallery is opening an exhibition of photographs of differently shaped pies and cookies, traditionally baked by Lithuanians for different purposes and celebrations.

Saturday is the Three Kings’ celebration by Christian tradition. From 1pm the processions headed by the three kings, Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar will walk from Daukantas Street through Laisvės Avenue till the Town Hall Square. At 2.30pm the play will start, featuring folk singing and other festivities.

Those in love with choral music are invited to Kaunas House of Culture at 4pm on Saturday to listen to two Kaunas choirs, “Leliumai” and “Gintaras”. If your playlist includes more bold sounds you may check “Thrash, Grind, Sleep, Repeat” at Lemy on Saturday at 9pm. Finally, if dancing is best workout for you, come to the dance party at “O kodėl gi ne?” or Lizdas for un-Shazamable goodness.

Enjoy the weekend. Remember, life is more than studies. Even during the exam session.