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Dadaistic Mona Lisa Mural – the Hottest KTU Campus Attraction

Mural Dadaistic Mona Lisa in the 21st Century at KTU Campus

Our Kaunastic friends are writing about the greatest attraction at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) campus – the Mona Lisa mural. If you haven’t had a chance to look at it properly, the sunny approaching weekend might provide a perfect chance. Mind you, it is going to be cold, so dress properly for the weather.

The mural, which full name is Dadaist Mona Lisa in the 21st Century, was created by Linas Kaziulionis also known as kart7. It is not the only artist’s collaboration with the university – in fact, you can check out a couple of his other works on facades of KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.

According to art critics, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the most often interpreted paintings in the world. The mural in the KTU campus is using modern technologies and introduces Renaissance figure as a person from today’s reality.

40 litres of paint and 500 hours of work are the numbers, which summarise technical efforts for painting the Dadaist Mona Lisa in the 21st Century. The most impressive accent of the mural is its 3D glasses, which remind Google glasses and are made of 1,000 light diodes.

Same as the original Mona Lisa who’s locked up in Louvre, Paris, the Kaunastic version has her own secrets: while next to the mural, visit monaliza.ktu.edu, solve the mathematical equation and change the colour of Mona Lisa glasses. KTU’s Mona Lisa enjoys interacting with visitors – she can also take your picture from high above.

More information – in the video below (be sure to choose English subtitles from the Youtube Settings menu).