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3D Internet Programming with realXtend intensive course and hands-on training

On November 6, 2012 we welcome you to take part in 3D Internet Programming with realXtend intensive course and hands-on training. The course and training will be given Jonne Nauha. Number of available sits is limited to 20 participants. After we get 20 applications registration to the training will be closed. You can register by filling registration form at the bottom of the page.


realXtend Tundra is a 3D application platform that can be used to implement a wide range on interactive multi-user applications. In these sessions we will look into the realXtend Tundra architecture, learn how to import your own 3D content and developing application as Tundra javascript with easy to more advanced examples. The main focus will be on script development, if you want to participate material (code, assets, etc.) will be distributed during the sessions.


Attendees shall have modern PC for development with Windows XP or later. Tundra will be provided as a prebuilt SDK. Your favorite IDE/text editor if you want to participate/write along in coding JavaScript. Material will be distributed to participants during the sessions. You can follow and modify the scripts on your own as we go through them. Note that Tundra development can be done on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X but this will require you to build the SDK before hand, we won't be covering the build system at the event see more at https://github.com/realXtend/naali#readme.

The packaged virtual world client can be used on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. This can be used to login to example worlds even if you don't want to participate in coding.


Time: 6th of November 2012, 09:00-18:00

Place: University of Oulu, room GO223, Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, 90570 Oulu

Entrance: participation in the workshop is free or charge.

Looking forward to see you at training!


Registration is closed