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Call for Participation in International Master's programme on Security and Mobile Computing at Aalto University

Aalto university arrange a two year International Master's programme on Security and Mobile Computing http://nordsecmob.tkk.fi/. NordSecMob program is your unique chance to get double M.Sc. diploma from two leading universties of Europe. Also in this programme students have an opportnity to achieve high fax free scholarships of 1'000 euros per month. The next application deadline is 8.12.2011. On behalf of Aalto university we encourage you to use this chance and apply to the NordSecMob program today! Download presentation.

You can learn more about the NordSecMob program by attending one of the following lectures of Dr. Sergey Balandin:

You can also follow news about these events at IXBT, Vkontakte and Habrahabr sites. Looking forward to see you on the lectures, where you will get a chance to learn more details about this opportunity and ask your questions.

Good luck with your applications!