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Mobile Healthcare WG


In short term the group is targeted at acquiring competences in M-Health and spreading the competences, already collected in MSU, to the the other teams. As deliverables at this stage each team has to develop at least one demo and publish at least one paper.

The working group should involve people from medical society to development of ideas for new medical services. Also the group members should publish M-Health related materials at mhealth.e-werest.org.

In mid-term the group should publish a paper at one of top conferences in M-Heath and be ready for ENPI and other European and Russian grant application.

In long-term the group has to become the kernel of M-Health competences in Russia and the leader in development of M-Health solutions for Russian market and government, and have strong positions in Russian and European research projects.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 17:30