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2nd Regional Seminar on Mobile Healthcare, Early Diagnostics and Fitness


FRUCT Association together with Enterprise Forums organizes the 2nd Regional seminar on Mobile Healthcare, early diagnostics and fitness. Mobile healthcare is fast developing area with a lot of growth potential, research and business opportunities. The seminar is targeted to demonstrate state of the art in field of m-healthcare in Russia and Finland and support exchange of best practices and ideas with other regions. The seminar program consists of an intensive course provided by Prof. Oleg Medvedev (Moscow State University) on Nov 5, workshop on Future business models in e-Healthcare on Nov 5, set of mHealth demos at FRUCT conference Demo session on Nov 8 and 2 conference sections on Nov 9.The seminar organizers welcome all attendees of the FRUCT conference to join the seminar program.

About Enterprise Forum

Enterprise Forum exists to promote entrepreneurship and business development themes and business cases. The EF sessions are organized as thematic evening session with two main goals: find new solutions for business renewal and managerial challenges as well as promoting entrepreneurship.

Professor of the Intensive Course: Oleg S. MEDVEDEV

Scientific career: in 1970 graduated from the First Medical Institute in Leningrad with MD degree; 1972 got Ph.D. in Medical Sciences; 1984 got Doctor of Science in Medicine 1984; 1990 appointed as Full Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).

1982 – 1992 Head of Experimental Pharmacology lab at Cardiology Research Center

1992 – 2000 Dean and founder of the Faculty of Basic Medicine at MSU

1992 – now Chair of the Department of Pharmacology at MSU

2004 – now Professor of Baumann Moscow Technical University

Fields of interest and expertise: pharmacology and physiology of the cardiovascular system, medical informatics, telemedicine, m-health. Has strong profile of scientific publication and cooperation projects, e.g., with Institute of Pharmacology, MIT (USA), University of Heidelberg (Germany), University of Goteborg (Sweden), University of Iowa (USA), Baker Medical Research Institute (Australia), Waseda University (Japan), etc.

Statement of Prof. Oleg Medvedev: The space program has played the key role in development of e-Health technologies in USSR and Russia. The country has over twenty years of highly isolated medicine informatization with very limited external contacts. Main tendencies in development and implementation of EHRs and PHRs are on the levels of healthcare provider, regional and national. The main problem of developed solutions is lack of common interfaces and interoperability with the existing systems. Nowadays Russian state is an active player in this field, e.g., it recently launched the Governmental program of informatization for 2011-2012 and the special facilitating role is given to the Skolkovo Foundation.

Seminar dates: 5-9 November 2012

Place: University of Oulu, Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Saalasti Hall
5 November 2012 at 16:30-20:00 Business Kitchen, Torikatu 23 (4th floor)

Entrance: participation in the seminar is free or charge.

The seminar program can be found here.

Looking forward to see you at seminar!