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29th FRUCT Conference: IDEA21 workshop: research track



The Third International Workshop on Advances in Innovative Drone Enhanced Applications, Research Track

We welcome you to take part in the Third International Workshop on Advances in Innovative Drone Enhanced Applications (IDEA21) that will be held in Tampere (Finland) on 13-14 May 2021, in conjunction with FRUCT29.

Despite COVID-19, we keep on collecting submissions and plan to hold the workshop as planned on May 13-14, 2021. We will continue to monitor the evolving situation related to the coronavirus disease outbreak and potential impact on global travel. We wish to reassure that should a physical conference be unsafe or should people have travel limitations imposed by national and international authorities, the remote presentations/recordings will be possible. We welcome you Submit your papers.

Information about the previous IDEA19 Industry Track.


Drones are starting to be part of our daily lives, becoming vital for ensuring services in different fields such as precision farming, security, aerial inspection, media, explorations. Opportunities offered by drones, as a leverage for jobs and new business, are based on recent technological developments acting as a catalyst for innovative applications with great economic potential. 

The IDEA20 workshop is organised by Arctic Drone Labs (Finland), Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Oulu (Finland), University of Helsinki (Finland), University of Bologna (Italy), the Research Alliance for Autonomous Systems (Finland), Norwegian Research Center NORCE (Norway) and University of Trento (Italy) with the aim of bringing together people interested to discuss and enlighten the challenges, the opportunities and the long term ambitions of innovative drone applications and technologies. IDEA20 is addressed to researchers, stakeholders and enterprises active in this domain.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following subject areas:
• Drones and IoT convergence
• Embedding flying sensors and actuators in IoT Infrastructures
• Simulation platforms for drone applications
• Aerial Multispectral Photography
• Drone-based monitoring in search, rescue and disaster management support
• Drone-based environmental and infrastructure monitoring 
• Drones in deep-learning loops
• Drones in systems of systems loops
Formation flying applications 
• Beyond the line of sight drone operations
Business models for drone start-ups 
• Drones and pilots regulations trends
• Challenges, opportunities and threads in drone platforms, tools and apps

We welcome researchers as well as industry stakeholders to submit papers and take part in the workshop to share their research and findings. Early registration is a cost-effective way to participate in the Workshop and the 29th FRUCT conference. All workshop papers will be published Open Access in FRUCT proceeding at no additional cost (available for free under a CC-BY-ND license download from FRUCT proceedings catalogue). The workshop posters and demos can be presented on the FRUCT29 Demo Session on 13 May 2021.

Call for papers and presentations

You can select one of the following 3 types of submissions:

Full papers (min 6 full pages and up to 12 pages), deadline: March 12, 2021;
- Short papers (min 200 words, max 5 pages), deadline: March 12, 2021;
- Poster or demo summary (min 200 words, max 5 pages), by May 7, 2021.

Please note that some papers submitted as Full Papers can be recommended for publication as Work in Progress. Work in Progress publications are publications of generally good quality, which unfortunately don't get into 43% top of the conference, but still, deserve to be published, but just will get less guaranteed indexing. To increase your chance to get your paper accepted as Full Paper, we recommend to submit it by the Early bird submission deadline, as this way you always will have a second chance to improve the paper and get another round of review.

The Early bird submission deadline: Ferbuary 19, 2021.

Please note that one person can be a coauthor of at maximum 3 submissions of all types: Submit

Workshop dates: 12-14 May 2021
Conference location: Tampere, Finland
Short paper submission deadline: 12 March 2021
Full paper submission deadline: 12 March 2021
Notification of acceptance date: 9 April 2021
Camera-ready submission deadline: 16 April 2021
Authors registration deadline: 16 April 2021
Demos/Posters submission deadline: 7 May 2021

The templates and other practical details on publishing your papers can be found at FRUCT CFP page.


If you get some questions that are not covered at the conference web page, feel free to send an email to info<at>