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Imagine a future where food waste has become a key source of energy instead of adding to our carbon footprint. What if billions of expectant mothers in developing countries could get access to safe surgery during childbirth? Could it be that we already know what space tourism will look like in 2040? On May 31– June 1, graduates present their degree projects at Umeå Institute of Design’s yearly exhibition, UID18 - Design Talks & Degree Show.
Researchers have developed and tested a novel approach for tackling melanoma.
Time: Thu 2019-09-12 13.00 Location: F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, KTH, Stockholm Type of event: Public defences of doctoral theses Generative models for action generation and action understanding
Kungl. Skytteanska Samfundet has chosen to give researcher Nils Skoglund the organisation’s prize of SEK 40,000, designated for “a young well-deserving researcher at Umeå University’s Faculty of Science and Technology”. The prize will be awarded at Umeå University’s annual ceremony in October.
Transient–state operation of an anoxic biotrickling filter for H2S removal
Tribocorrosion behaviour of two low-alloy steel grades in simulated waste solution
A new digital forum will gather information about the ways in which people use social media through open debate.
What weighs 23 000 tonnes and has a potential temperature of 150 million °C? Literally, it’s the new star of the energy world, the ITER reactor.
Online deceit can harm society at every level. The 11th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) in Lausanne has aired how the communication curse can undermine public health.
The EU-funded project COSMHYC XL is developing innovative compression solutions for high-performance hydrogen refueling stations.