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The title of thesis is “Inter-laminar Contacts and Losses in Cores of Electrical Machine”
The title of the dissertation is: Multiphysical Modeling Approach for Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Process Ari Kruskopf, M.Sc. (Tech.), will defend the dissertation "Multiphysical Modeling Approach for Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Process" on 26 January 2018 at 12 in Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, lecture hall V1, Vuorimiehentie 2 K, Espoo. Opponent: Adjunct professor (NTNU) Stein Tore Johansen, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry Flow Technology, Trondheim, Norway
An analysis of the effect of ultrasonic burnishing on surface integrity. The public examination of the doctoral dissertation of Juha Huuki, Lic.Sc. (Tech.), will be held on 26 January 2018 at 12.00 at the Aalto University School of Engineering. The title of the dissertation is An analysis of the effect of ultrasonic burnishing on surface integrity. Field of the dissertation is mechanical engineering. Opponent: Professor Jari Larkiola, University of and Professor Juha Varis, Lappeenrannan University of Technology, Finland
An abundant food source in a time of food insecurity, just one snag – how can we break the ‘yuck’ barrier and get insects onto our plates?
Įvykio data:  Ketvirtadienis, Sausio 18, 2018 - 18:00
The Strasbourg-based European Science Foundation (ESF) and Euroscience associations have announced today the launch of a partnership whereby each entity has become member in the other organisation in order to reinforce their collaboration and engage into future joint projects.
ESF-Science Connect has just published the report with the findings of its 2017 Career Tracking Survey of doctorate holders. The survey was launched in March 2017 and collected over 2,000 of responses, with a response rate of 23 %. PhD holders find intellectually satisfying jobs in academia, industry or government, but those in academia are least happy with job security. Access the full Press Release here: http://bit.ly/2Aysmvo
The EU H2020 project MYOCURE has released an interview series produced during the 25th Anniversary Congress of the European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ESGCT) in Berlin. The series illustrates the objectives and activities of the multi-national, interdisciplinary consortium working together in this four-year research initiative.