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Biological treatment of psoriasis shows a good efficacy in clinical trials. Since most analyses have focused on short-term outcomes of single biological agents, little has been known about long-term outcomes in clinical practice, where switching between biological agents is common. A Swedish study that followed 583 individuals for up to 10 years shows a satisfactory long-term effectiveness of biologic treatments. The findings were recently published in the British Journal of Dermatology.
More than 300 people participated in the Symposium "Infection Research to Meet Current and Future Challenges", which was held at Aula Nordica on 19 June.
More species of birds have accumulated in genera inhabiting climatically stable areas. This is shown by a new study from Umeå University.
The Department of Plant Physiology started its work at Umeå University in 1967. It is now part of the Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC), a world leading plant research institute. UPSC celebrates the 50 years anniversary with a three-day lasting symposium about the past, the present and the future of Plant Science in Umeå (and the world). The symposium will take place on August 21-23 at the UPSC in Umeå.
An exterior that attracts at a distance, and an interior that greatly differs from most educational spaces. But how is life at Umeå School of Architecture for staff and students? Let’s spends a day in the building by the river with students and teachers alike.
We proudly inform you that now FRUCT proceedings are included to the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator: BFI-number 8782540.
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