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Researchers say selective breeding may help sheep and goats to better respond to varying weather conditions caused by climate change.
An 81-year-old Harvard study offers sound advice on leading happy lives.
In a recent biofuel trial, a car reached 80 kph powered by seaweed-based fuel.
Power suppliers, technology providers, researchers and steel industry partners have launched a pilot plant to produce hydrogen using electricity from renewables.
The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation announced today the names of 22 new Wallenberg Scholars. Markus Schmid, group leader at UPSC and professor at the Department of Plant Physiology, Umeå University, is one of them. He receives a five-year grant that he can invest for his research without any restriction.
Is there life on Mars and can life from Earth survive there - or on other space bodies? The international BIOMEX research team which includes researchers from many countries and space organizations, including Natuschka Lee at Umeå University, Sweden, has made biological experiments under space conditions. An overview of their results has now been published.
John Anderson, professor of Natural Geography and Paleolimology from the UK, and Anne Asensio, industrial designer from France, have been appointed as the 2019 honorary doctors of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University, Sweden.
People who are easily disgusted by body odours are also drawn to authoritarian political leaders. A survey showed a strong connection between supporting a society led by a strong leader and being sensitive to body odours like sweat or urine. It might come from a deep-seated instinct to avoid infectious diseases.
Two out of three in the management of Umeå School of Architecture at Umeå University, the head of department Ana Betancour and deputy head of department Anna Croon, leave their management assignments.
The latest alarm reports about the decline of insects on earth have hardly escaped anyone. Several rescue operations are in progress around the world - both non-profit and commercial, such as the sale of insect hotels and special seed bags. Umeå University draws attention to the crisis situation by starting new research on insects in Northern Sweden. This summer, a number of information actions to the public are carried out.