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Have you got your tickets yet? Festival season is coming up again, and each year there are more festivals to choose from. Festivals are fun, peaceful and bring people together. Building on that friendly spirit, some festivals are now also striving to be more sustainable, and bio-based products are finding their way onto the event locations.
Imitating nature’s engineering secrets at the nanoscale could lead to a host of useful applications
The IRSUS project was launched in December 2017, and in the first half of 2018 – through social media and email campaigns – it has reached Innovation Radar innovations and innovators, who expressed their interest in the personalised services and 'knowledge pills' offered by the consortium.
An international research team that includes researchers from Stockholm University and Uppsala University have identified a likely source for the high energy cosmic rays reaching Earth. The discovery was made with the aid of the IceCube Neutrino Telescope at the South Pole in addition to observations made by about twenty different telescopes around the world.
Time: Fri 2018-08-31 08.30 - 15.00 Location: Ångdomen, KTH Library building, Osquars backe 31 Type of event: Conferences and events
“Offshore wind energy has come to the point where it can start competing with traditional energy sources like new nuclear and gas,” says energy expert Iñigo Azpiri, who is part of a team of European researchers studying the interconnection of offshore windfarms to land using HVDC grids to avoid power losses. “If industry manages to lower cable technology costs, we will be able to deploy a grid that can send renewable energy much further across Europe.”
A recent study conducted by the EU Horizon 2020-funded ParaFishControl project aimed to demonstrate the absence of zoonotic parasitic worms in European farmed fish, specifically in gilthead sea bream, European sea bass, turbot, Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and common carp. Zoonotic parasites are transmitted from animals to humans; zoonotic worms (helminths) can spread to humans when infected fish is consumed raw or partially cooked.
Chemical-free and remote sensing technologies can help prevent bee colony losses. Here’s how.
• ROMEO will bring innovative technologies based on predictive model maintenance to reduce the O&M cost in the offshore wind energy sector. • Key European companies in the sector are working together to exploit the potential of offshore wind energy and contribute to the competitiveness of Europe. • Ramboll company headquarters in Copenhagen (Denmark) have recently hosted the General Assembly of ROMEO coinciding with the first year of the project.
Worker Coordination, Collaboration and Learning in Make-to-order Assembly Production Jaakko Peltokorpi, M.Sc.(Tech.), will defend the dissertation Worker Coordination, Collaboration and Learning in Make-to-order Assembly Production on 8 August 2018 at 12 at the Aalto University School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, lecture hall E, Otakaari 1, Espoo. Opponents: