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Rahoitushaun nimi: Apuraha Rahoittaja: Erkki J. Hollon säätiö Rahoittajan kotisivut: www.foundationhollo.fi
Rahoitushaun nimi: BOFIT Visiting Researchers Programme Rahoittaja: Bank of Finland
Rahoitushaun nimi: Apurahat ulkomaisiin opintoihin ja harjoitteluun Rahoittaja: William ja Ester Otsakorven Säätiö
Rahoitushaun nimi: Opintoapurahat Rahoittaja: Lääkintäneuvos G R Idmanin ja ministeri K G Idmanin säätiö
Researchers from Umeå University in Sweden describe a new method to study biochemical changes that occur in the pancreas during the development of diabetes. The method, recently published in Scientific Reports, is based on molecular spectroscopy and can be used to extract biochemical profiles (or “fingerprints”) containing information about disease progression. The method could facilitate improved understanding of the mechanistic processes on molecular and cellular levels that are key to the development of diabetes.
Do the existing economic models for decision-making generate serious economical and environmental crises due to their inherent lack of value reflection? Hear eminent philosophy professor Mark D. White lecture on this and more.
NMBU is in charge of a a new European research project to fight food waste by understanding barriers and facilitators for acceptance of visually suboptimal food.
By marking the fish scales through a short period of feeding, an escaped farmed fish may in a simple, low cost way be tracked back to the fish farm it came from.
On 1 January 2014 Prof. Tor A. Benjaminsen assumed the position as Head of Research at the Department of International Environment and Development Studies. He succeeds Prof. Randi Kaarhus who has held this position since November 2011.
Scientists studying wild carnivores, including the endangered snow leopard, in the high mountains of northern Pakistan are using automated wildlife cameras to answer ecological questions.