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An exhibition by Aalto University's artist-in-residence for the year 2018 which showcases a selection of her video works at the M8 Art Space. The artist will be present to tell about her work at the opening on 22 May. Pilvi Takala will present her work at the exhibition opening on 22 May at M8 Art Space from 17:00 to 19:00.
Scientists claim to have found the oldest footprints belonging to a mysterious animal as far back as 550 million years ago.
What happens when industry and academia join forces for the good of science? They launch an open access website that helps researchers to discover new medical treatments.
The Horizon 2020 FLYSEC project will be holding their final event, "Info Day and Risk - Based Security Projects Cluster Meeting" in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday, June 28th 2018.
Researchers show that the brain can reprogram itself to control prosthetic substitutes as it does one’s own body parts. The more one-handed people use a prosthesis in everyday life, the more strongly their brain responds to it.
Are you thinking about renovating your house? Then the choice of flooring is certainly something you have already thought about.
Inspirational field trip among good practices in Belgium and the Netherlands
Time: Mon 2018-08-27 16.00 Location: Karolinska Institutet Biomedicum Lecture Theatre Type of event: Lectures and seminars
The building sector is the largest energy-consuming sector in Europe. As retrofitting works are often unaffordable for people who own apartments in old blocks, the EU has had to step in.