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Time: Fri 2018-11-23 15.00 Location: IST, Lisbon; KTH (Video conferencing Sal C, Kistagången 16, Kista) Type of event: Dissertations
Time: Mon 2018-11-26 10.00 Location: Ka-Sal B (Sal Peter Weissglas), KTH, Kistagången 16, Kista Type of event: Dissertations
Time: Mon 2018-11-26 13.00 Location: Sal T2, Hälsovägen 11, Flemingsberg Type of event: Defence of dissertations
What should come first – the car or the filling station? Enterprising hydrogen mobility partners are tackling both at once.
Researchers have outlined a plan to detect and report changes in global biodiversity. The monitoring of species traits will improve natural resource management.
Our three years of study of bees' life, using the Apivox Auditor and Apivox Smart Monitor acoustic control devices, led us to conclude that some statements, made by Professor Eskov about acoustic signals of bees during the wintering period, which were considered to be fundamental and not subject to doubt, today look somewhat untenable. We would like to conduct a comparative analysis and allow you to see the reasons why we came to this conclusion... So, let's talk about bees signals in winter ...
Photon-driven data storage could be fast, efficient, pushing the capacity beyond current limits.
Plastic plant pots are often used once – to bring on plants from seed or transport them home from the shops – and then thrown away. While these pots are very convenient, such disposable items contribute significantly to plastic pollution. It is possible, however, to buy biodegradable plant pots produced from bio-based materials.
Italy may be emblematic in the energy rehabilitation of buildings because of its red tape and ever-changing tax incentives
European Researchers’ Night 2018. A shot from the event organized by the FET Project ByAxon.