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A practical toolkit to transform cities into smart and sustainable ecosystems.
Do you want to join our effort to optimise the communication with and the social inclusion of children with hearing impairment? Do you want to start a PhD in an excellent scientific institution, with attractive complementary training activities in medical and technological research as well as in neuropsychology and speech therapy? Then have a look at our last open positions at the KU Leuven! Application deadline: June, 30th.
Researchers are studying new evaluation systems to measure the smartness of a city, adding social and economic parameters to the traditional technical and environmental indicators.
Could calcium provide a new sustainable approach for battery technology applications? Professor Palacìn of the CARBAT project answers key questions.
OSCOVIDA, the Open Science COVID Analysis website is now online at http://oscovida.github.io!
After one month since its launch, some first insights about our survey can be revealed. The aim of the RENAISSANCE survey on renewable energy and community-based solutions is to identify the factors that influence the acceptance of local renewable energy production technologies.
An EU-funded initiative is helping broadcasters and media producers in the effective use of rapidly growing audiovisual Big Data.
The European project ASTRABAT has launched its new website: discover our mission to make the future of mobility electric.
When others begin to wind down for their annual leave, the mad for fishing- doctoral students Johan Leander and Sven Norman usually go into an intense period out in the field – where experimental data will be collected, and then processed in the office of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (EMG) during the long winter months.
EU-funded networks currently support various likely coronavirus treatments in several European countries.