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Older men who have low levels of vitamin B12 have a higher risk of having fractures. These are the findings of researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy as a part of an international study of a total of 1000 older men.
The majority of all violent crime in Sweden is committed by a small number of people. They are almost all male (92%) who early in life develops violent criminality, substance abuse problems, often diagnosed with personality disorders and commit large number non-violent crimes. These are the findings of researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy who have examined 2.5 million people in Swedish criminal and population registers.
2011-09-1967 Students from Šiauliai University will be Studying Abroad
The Kupittaa Campus will gather the operations currently scattered around Turku to one place. Both TUAS staff and students participate actively in the planning of the new campus.
Doctor of Philosophy Juhani Soini has been appointed as a vice rector of Turku University of Applied Sciences according to the proposal by TUAS Board.
A graduate of TUAS, Kimmo Leppäkorpi, made the video as Bachelor's thesis for the degree in Information Technology. The idea was to celebrate the Capital of Culture Year of Turku.
Time: Tue 2014-01-14 10.00 Location: Room 304, Teknikringen 14, KTH Campus Type of event: Lectures and seminars
TUAS is a member of CARPE (Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education), together with Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Polytechnic University Valencia. The aim of CARPE is increase co-operation between the partners and to establish a strong European reputation.